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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Making Crap Up

Nothing fabu has happened lately, but I have had a "make crap up" request, so, Gnome, my love, here you are :)...

It's been a week since my WHIEPSIEP vacation, and I am slowly settling back into the pace of life here in frozen Michigan. Back to schooling, back to homemaking, back to my life. I miss the warm weather, the flowers, the birds, my bestest best friend, my Texas family, all of it. I'm totally not meant for Michigan, but this is where I am, so I will make the best of it...until I can convince (or drag) my husband to my Southwestern heaven.

This past week, I will admit, was an extended Spring break. Not because I wanted it that way, but because I ended up with a migraine that literally put me in bed wishing for a lobotomy. I thought it was going to be an innocent cold, but ooohhh no. I make a wonderful nurturer, but a *horrible* patient, so taking time out to take care of me was a pain in more than just my head. Even though all seems to be better now, it still shows up in little light flares and roaring cranium pain saying "I ain't going nowhere honey". Under normal circumstances, I'd say "Bring it on wench!", but in this case, I just smile meekly, keep my eyes averted and my sunglasses on.

What else, what else...

Oh yeah...Don made me my own *BEAD CUBBY* in our room! It is so cool! It is the recessed space under the stairs leading to the basement and our bedroom. I can't wait to paint it up and make it all mine mine mine! Some Taos blue, some red, yellow, green and orange southwestern mosaic-y designs, my ceramic tiles...I'm drooling just thinking about it lol.

I have to put this out there too: I love my husband, and I am so incredibly proud of him, who he is and who he is becoming. He preached today, and he just has this way that makes you think and pay attention, and want to try and apply what he is teaching to your life. I love sitting in the back, doing tech, and watching how he effects those he is speaking to. The nods, the "amens", the interaction that people have with him during the sermon, not just when he is finished. I'm gonna say it: my husband is *cool*!

Last but not least, our friend, Kirk, has invited me to sing at his church with him and his band next Sunday. It will be a lot of fun, since I haven't sung in church for a few months now. I *love* to sing, love love love to do it, but haven't because of my inability, nay, my unwillingness, to put up with outright poopiness (keeping opinion and mouth shut). I am nervous about doing this since I don't know anyone at his church and I am so afraid that maybe I suck and they are about to find out in a big way lol. We shall see...
So, there you go. No, nothing was really made up, but hey, it is a lot of rambling crap lol.
BTW, just for the record, I did enjoy "No Country For Old Men", I just didn't get the ending, or lack thereof lol. Maybe I will get Naomi to loan me the book to fill in the blanks :). She can put it in the same envelope as my bracelet heehee (love you girlfriend!)


Lisa Quing said...

Not crap, Penny dear!

I'm sure you will do wonderfully singing in church! What are you singing?

foamy said...

You will do fine in the church where no one knows you. And if you don't...well, no one knows you.

You expect me to get the bracelet, scarpbook stuff, and now a book in the mail to you by Sat.?? Have you gone mad? I don't know if that book is even unpacked missy. You sure are pushing your luck with me. NO way am I helping decorate that door now!

Put that in your pipe nad smoke it.

It's soooo good to have hubbies that we're proud of. I know we talked about that in EP...but it's so true, and nice to be able to get to mention it now and again!

xoxoxoxoXXXo OO

foamy said...

And smoke it. Not nad smoke it. Completely different meaning.