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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Attack Of Spring Fever, or, Chasing Chickens

Is it me? Is it the weather that still isn't warm but isn't snowy anymore? Is it the fact that my oven committed hari kari for no known reason? Is it this feeling like something is trying to fight its way out of me like an Alien movie? Or is it ...Spring Fever????

I just can't get my get to getup and go. I can't focus, can't concentrate, the patience of an unpatient-type person. Darn chickens keep me losing initial thought. I can feel the dark cloud of depression wanting to set in, and I just ain't in the mood. I get sidetracked by dust mites in the air. I want to go downstairs, put in "Dawn Of The Dead", and hide in my bead cubby with my birthday presents and leave the world behind. Baking usually helps me out with these times, and does a beautiful job of doubling as a home-ec class for the girls, but my oven decided to die during dinner two days ago, so that is out of the question. What is an adult onset ADD woman with an incurable case of spring fever to do lol?

I want out of my house. I want to sit in my swing and smell the jasmine that grows on the side of my house. I want my girls and the dogs to be playing outside without having to layer. Diagnosis: Spring fever with a cabin fever chicken chaser.

Is it wrong to sit here feeling this way, and then yell at my kids for doing and feeling the same thing? Yeah, probably is... bad mommy award haha.

Sigh, I don't know. I think maybe after the girls schoolwork is done, I will bundle them up and send them outside with their kites. I will make some tea and watch them through the window while folding clothes. Take some time to regroup, to breathe, maybe even, oh look...a chicken...

Off to chase my chicken, and my fever, away.


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Anonymous said...

I am so there with you! I am starting to HATE it! I want spring!