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Monday, March 24, 2008

Home again, home again, jig-a-dee jig

Yes folks, I'm back. Back from an absolutely awesome, wonderful, refreshing, fun, warm, sunny vacation in my lovely state of Texas. Back to my beautiful family and, oh yeah, snow. Anyway, the picture above is there to try and give you an idea of the huge sandstorm that we hit on the way into El Paso. There was no road, there was no town, heck, the mountains were completely obliterated and the house Naomi's parents live in is right up next to them lol. The drive back to San Antonio felt weird since we could actually *see* where we were going!

We had a fantastic time. Hanging out, watching crap TV, eating really really bad stuff...the things vacations are made for lol! My birthday was wonderful. Naomi and her mom and dad graced me their love and kindness, some beautiful handmade jewelry by you-know-who, an awesome chocolate pie who's main ingredient is shocking and deeeeelicious, lot of gifties from shopping trips, and the biggest surprise of all: a *boatload* of beadies. Beadies that I never ever expected, straight from the hallowed shelves of Gnomes' secret squirrel bead closet! Naomi and her family are way too good to me.
The bestest part of all was the result of Poppy's cancer surgery. Naturally, some of the people that had to be dealt with in the hospital were unbelievably giant nerdballs, but his surgery went swimmingly. They were able to remove the cancer, save his teeth, and send him home after the surgery. The "Poppy sightenings" became more frequent and for longer periods of time. It made my heart feel good seeing him doing better when we left. Even if he doesn't know it by now, he is the poppy I never had, and I love him. Amen and amen.

That is all for now. I am sleepy, still dealing with traveling wearies, and need to slip off to dreamland now. I still have so much to tell y'all, but it will keep for another day.

Thank you Naomi, Billie, John, and even Russ, Bennie, the killer ducks and the cat menagerie (special mention to are sooooo cool!). I heart all y'all.


Trivia question: Why in the freaking world did "No Country For Old Men" win so many awards when they forgot to write an ending????? Post your answers in the comment box please!


Lisa Quing said...

Welcome back, Penny! Sounds like an awesome trip!

Didn't see No Country (and don't plan to) so no clue!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad to see you home safe and sound! It sounds like you had a blast- can't wait to hear more! And I never saw No country either!


foamy said...

1. I liked the movie.

2. You cannot have a blog and then leave me hanging for days at a time. If nothing interesting is really happening, make crap up.

3. I miss you.

4. I'm slowly finding scrapbooking stuff....and your bracelet is *gasp* almost finished! (this in no way means you'll get it before the kids are in college),but you already knew that...........