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Saturday, March 15, 2008

and time marches on...and on...and on

I'm not a patient woman, especially when it can come to traveling lol. My flight to San Antonio doesn't take off until 8 pm, so here I am, watching a "Ninja Warrior" marathon with my bags packed, waiting for the time to leave.
Quite frankly, it's making me crazy.
On the positive side: it is *gorgeous* outside today. Warm, (well, 41 degrees, but warm to those trapped under snow for so long), a bit overcast, a touch of a breeze, and the most beautiful part of all, the birds are singing. There is nothing more wonderful and pure than the song of a Mourning Dove after a long winter.
Monday, St. Patrick's Day, is my 37th birthday. So from me to all those other St. Patty babies, have a wonderful birthday, and we'll all share an ethereal Nutty Irishman together.



Lisa Quing said...

Have fun, Penny!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a blast! I'm sure your bd is going great! As you are in Texas and with your bestest friend!