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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Have Noshies, Will Travel

I know ya'll are probably soooo tired of hearing me talk about it, but I don't care lol. We are now looking at 7 days until this frozen momma is warmth bound. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is the time we entire the crunch zone of what to take, what not to take, so on and so forth, and, of course, the most important part of food. Nosh for the road. Oh, the possibilities...

The travel time between San Antonio and El Paso is somewhere around 7 hours, give or take how heavy-footed Gnome and I will be lol. Up until a year and a half ago, I would make my yearly or bi-yearly trek between Albuquerque, New Mexio and El Paso, which is around 4 hours. I would leave Albu around 530 a.m.-ish, and arrive in EP around 9 or 930. I never ate, I even skipped coffee because I wanted to avoid having to stop to pee in the middle of the desert at some remote rest stop (Come on, y'all have seen the save movies I have. "Rest Stop", "Wrong Turn", "The Hitcher". I'll hold it till I explode!) Now, I'm traveling with a buddy, so peeing is an option, and so is food. Here are the thoughts:

Gardetto's Snack Mix: These things are *awesome*! Little bit o' crunch, little bit o' salt. Nummy.

Tootsie Rolls: I am an addict with these things. If there was only one candy left on earth, and it was this one, I'd be a happy woman. Back in the olden days when I was dealing with a nasty eating disorder, I would have one king size Tootsie Roll and a Coke during Music Theory in high school, and that was all...for the day...or two...or three... I still love these babies!

Coke and/or Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper: I have been hooked on Coke (the soda, duh!) for as long as I can remember. The Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper is a new love in my life and, sadly, temporary, since it is a limited edition flavor. I am actually stock-piling the stuff for the day that it all ends!

For now, that is what I have come up with as far as road nosh. I am, at this moment, not hungry, so who knows what I will be craving tomorrow :).

I'm going to go watch "The Women Of Ninja Warrior" now. Yea me!


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Lisa Quing said...

Picking out junk food is a joy in itself!