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Saturday, January 12, 2013

oxford: the place when restaurants come to die

You will never see Triple D coming to our town that is for sure.


The other night, the hubs and I finally had a chance to go out for dinner.  We decided to go to a new place that just opened up here in the Land of Bars and ERs called "Montana's Rib and Chophouse".


Now, Oxford isn't known for having any decent places to eat.  At all.  No way no how.  Seeing something new made up at least sit up and take notice.  So, we felt we'd take our chances.



It was...okay, kinda, I guess.

Here is a foodie review from someone who actually has taste unlike 99% of those living in Oxford, aka, moi hehee:

The food: a bit on the dull side tastewise.  The portions were very much on the small side, but, on the positive, the garlic mushrooms were amazing.

The prices:  Holy shitballs.  Most definitely, completely, ridiculously overpriced for the amount of food you get. For the hubs and I it came out to $70.  $28 for a filet steak that was barely half the size you would get at Longhorn's.

The service:  The waitstaff were friendly, although really on the slow side.  We had to sit at the bar to eat dinner since the wait was over an hour to get a table.  The place was incredibly loud and horribly crowded.

The locals: we had an interesting run-in with a barfly who actually took a sip of my margarita.  No, really...he took a straw and tasted my margarita.  You don't mess with my fucking margarita lol.

 All in all, it was a very disappointing evening.  We will not be going back there anytime soon.

Grade for Montana's Rib and Chophouse: D+

Other than that, I've just been working.  A lot. And enjoying it :).  Yeah me lol.

Now time to go watch all 400 of my DVR'd programs!

Peace, Love and (at least the margarita was good...) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

D+, huh? Maybe they should leave it uncooked and invite some zombies ;-)

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember about Oxford is the "Whoopee Bowl" and there was a place there that made bras for cows. Sorry your night out was so pricey for being so sucky!:(

Debbie W said...

WTH...someone actually took a drink of your margarita? And he still lives?? :)

Lost In The Maze said...

I'm not really looking to comment, just looking for more information about Rainbow. My 13yo and 4yo (Sparkle) are involved, soon to be ex is a Mason. I declined joining Eastern Star. I'm being pushed out of the girl's meetings. Weird shit is happening!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Hi Lost. Glad to see you stopped by. I will be putting up a blog post to address your concerns about your new situation and hopefully to help you negotiate the new territory your family is wandering into.

Have a wonderful weekend LITM :).