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The Adventures Of Zuzu Zombie, Undead Detective

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

and so it begins again...

A few thoughts from your Sweet Texan Zombie MIA Goddess:

~~ Well, we kinda got screwed on that whole Zombie Apocalypse thing.  I they Mayans were alive, I'd sue them for false advertisement.

~~ I miss blogging, but then I also miss being home and being awake past 7:30 every night.

~~ My New Years Resolutions:

Stop beating up pygmys.

Quit my crack habit.

Learn to clog.

Try to touch my tongue to my elbow.

~~ It's funny.  Now that I am out in the real world, working for da man making money, I am becoming highly annoyed with negative people.  I want to tell them all to shut the fuck up, but I guess that would be negative of me.  I mean, damn.  Your constant anger and need to share how everyone else on the planet is a douchebag except, naturally, for you, just makes you, well, a douchebag.  Keep it to yourself.  No...really.  Know all those times I told you to use your words?  You can stop now.



~~  I cannot wait for Dead Island: Riptide to come out April of this year.  I almost said next year.  I am so pre-ordering it it is freaky!

With all that being said, I will go now.  Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.  See y'all again soon :).

Peace, Love and (mayans...damned liars) Zombies \IiiI

side note: if anyone decides to give me a lesson and tell me the Mayans still exist, I will punch you in the throat.  When on a rant, especially about a thwarted Zombie Apocalypse, facts are not save your breath :).


Debbie W said...

Happy New Year my friend! We didn't get our promised apocalypse in December, but we can always live vicariously through another's...come on February 10th! :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

If you are on crack while beating up the pygmys, I'm pretty sure you can't be held liable.

Hope you have a great year, Luv!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! Here's to nothing but positive EVERYTHING in 2013!

suzanne smith said...

i haven't been blogging much. So busy with work, getting back in shape and trying to kill the flu/cold bug for the last month...ugh.

Have a good new year!

Ready to fight with you in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Reading a good book called the final days by Rhiannon Frater. Not to bad so far. Has female leads which i like. Easy to relate...unless they turn into pansy