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Monday, August 13, 2012

just another brick in the wall

Maybe you've noticed.

Maybe you haven't.

I haven't been around in a while

The past three weeks have been nothing short of caca.  I had a whole blog written up giving the bullet points of all of it, then I erased it.  I figured I've already had my words and actions used against me in a barrage of smack downs and lies, so I am more than a bit gun-shy to share anything at all anymore.

I'm working on remembering who I am in lieu of what others who think they know me think about me.

That was a tongue twister...

I am not a loser, a bad person, a bad mom or someone in need of an ambushing intervention.

That wall I have been told to work on tearing down all these years is going up at an exponential rate.

I don't need to be saved by anyone but my family thankyouverymuch.

I am having a mid-life crisis, but I will be just fine in the long run.

I will end this little ditty with two simple, but powerful, words:

Glass.  Houses.

Now, on to better things...

Peace, Love and (put down the rock before you hurt yourself) Zombies \IiiI


Linda Wildenstein said...

Hey, I was the last one in the pool here. I was looking forward to reading your kick ass witty posts and weren't there. So you've told the uglies to screw off and now I'm here to tell you......I noticed. Someday, we'll have to commiserate and I'll give you an olde broads perspective on not dealing with "irregular" people. Oma Linda

Mina said...

Yeah! Everything Linda said. Screw them!