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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

bad decision making ~or~ how to make a community look stupid

Last year, the town I live, wait...the few football nutjobs in this town...decided they wanted a blue turf.   No reason for it whatsoever, except for maybe ego.  Huge ego.  Well, they put this up to the community.  A bond to earmark $400,000 to this retardation wonderful, necessary high school football field.  The community came together...the community voted.

They voted...


Not yes.


Well, a few morons, including a Lions exec, put up their homes and money and had this ridiculous bullshit wonderful, necessary high school football field put in.


Got em on ESPN.

Now, they are on again.

But not for a good reason, but because...

the taxman cometh...

and the Oxford Five...

don't got da money.

Now, they have the fear of losing their homes because of this debt, and, guess what?  They expect the same community that said NO in the first place to help them pay the balance.

Guess what I say again?


Not just NO.


We are suffering, as a community, during these hard economic times.  Prices are high. Jobs are scarce.  People here are working themselves to death to keep food on the table

You expect *me* to help pay for *your* narcissistic bad decisions?

You made your blue bed, now you can lay in it.

You can read all about it here.

I already made people angry talking about it on FB.  Told I should understand how this can bring the community closer instead of bashing it and considering it a joke.

I AM bashing it.

It IS a joke.

If the community had been behind it 100%, this never would have happened in the first place.

I love where I live.  I love Oxford.  I don't love the world-at-large pointing at us and going, "Wow!  How stupid is *that*?  Great decision making in this economy!"

What happens if, by the September 1st deadline, that the money isn't paid?  Will they rip up the turf?  Even if they do, we will *still* owe the money, *and* we will have to put in a new one, which will cost more money that we don't have.  Will they sue the school?  What about the football players, especially the seniors, if they don't get to play?  What about the flag corp and marching band who have been working their asses off the entire summer do to performances?  Soccer, Lacrosse, etc?  What happens to them?

Don't fucking tell me about community.  I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE KIDS IN THE COMMUNITY, not the egotistical richies who wanted to go down history.

The places that kind of money could have actually gone: the arts, education, outreach.

Not a football field.

How. Fucking. Pathetic.

Peace, Love and (i'm sure there is room on the turf for a tent) Zombies \IiiI

1 comment:

nitebyrd said...

Sometimes the overwhelming stupidity of people makes me want to guzzle tequila.

I understand that football is God's game in Texas (and elsewhere) but really, in this economy the absolutely needed a blue field!?! They now expect y'all to come up with the money you didn't want to spend in the first place! You're getting sh*t about pointing out community idiocy!

Tequila time.