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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

middle finger award: call a hate crime a hate crime

Football is a contact sport. Players get heated. Stuff happens. This stuff happened between two high school football teams a few days ago. An American quarterback took a knee and four Saudi players from the opposing team left the group and attacked him on the field. The story is here.

The line that pisses me off the most is this one:

Attorneys are asking Prosecutor Kym Worthy to reconsider. In fact, they're asking for the charges to be dismissed altogether. The argument? If these were white football players, they wouldn't be charged.

Anyone else wanna call bullshit??? If it had been about four American players attacking a Saudi quarterback, shit would have hit the fan, riots would start in the streets and the words "hate crime" would be thrown left and right.

Oh, wait...

My mistake.

I meant four *white* players attacking a *brown* player. Does "hate crime" count in a box of crayons?

So, middle finger award on three different categories:

Award one given to the players who were poor sports when they lost.

Award two given to the assholic Saudi, or, using his verbage, brown, lawyer being a blatant racist.

Award three to the fucker who came up with the one-way street of "hate crimes" where only Causcasians Americans can apparently perpetrate it.

Okay, soap box put away :). I feel better now.

Next, we will talk about tomato paste begin called a vegetable by congress. Funny, don't remember my tomatoes having extra sugar in them....

Peace, Love and (gotta love a one way street) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

"They want to come at us just because we're Arab, I guess," is he serious? No, you worthless piece of shit, they are prosecuting your and the other three pieces of crap because you don't understand the spirit of a game. It's a game, sometimes you lose (and yes, I'm an Aries, losing sucks major ass) but you don't go to a field and gang up on a the winner. You kick his ass ON THE FIELD next time. You work for it, pray the wind blows in your favor, and you snicker when he is all grimace because you won.

I can't stand this one-way hate crime nonsense. It takes away from the real cases, and that is not fair. That lawyer and those kids should be ashamed of themselves. And I feel sorry for the parents who are parents who at one point thought they would grow up to be respectable human beings.

Did I mention how much this pisses me off? Well, it does.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Mags, you understand me! Thank Goddess lol!

Lin said...

I hadn't even heard about this case & I know zip about football but that's just not cool.

My husband & I were actually talking about hate crimes the other day. He was all riled up because it seems that when a Caucasian person (which he is) hits someone of a different race it's somewhat automatically a hate crime. Where as to if a Mexican (which I am) hits a Caucasion, it's just an assault (I'm aware of this because I work for law enforcement). It's all b.s. & the system's all fucked up...what's new? *eye roll*

nitebyrd said...

YES! Your post is spot on!