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Monday, November 28, 2011

food review for no real reason

I don't normally complain about food really, but this I have to get off my chest.

I love fish. My favorite being tilapia. I have fillets in my freezer as we speak. Once in a while, I like the breaded kind, and it is hard to find some that actually tastes good, isn't minced mystery fish (fish sticks anyone?) and doesn't taste like it is out of a box. So, when I saw this:

i was happy and skeptical at the same time. I was, though, at first, pleasantly surprised. The breaded fillets were plump, gorgeous white meat that was flaky and had a wonderful lemony flavor. You could eat them without so much as a hint of vinegar or lemon juice. I'd eat them as if they were chicken fingers.

Then, it happened.

Apparently Gorton's got tired of serving a good piece of fish and figured, "Hey, let's start selling shit!" And they did.

I purchased a box because I was craving that luscious fish. When I opened it, I expected the same huge pieces I had seen previous.


The once plump, sweet tilapia fillets have now been traded in for flat, overly fishy tasting little slabs of yuck. If you are a tilapia eater, you know that they are almost buttery and have no fishy taste. (Don't know what I mean) The gorgeous white meat I fell in love with is now anorexic and has that nasty silverskin crap running all through it. Even the breading, which once added to the yumminess has not become this gross, thick coating that literally slides off the skinny little fillets.

Now, I know, once in a while, yucky food gets by the quality assurance donkeys, and you, the consumer, ends up with a less than enjoyable product. I hoped that was the issue, so a few weeks later, I purchase another, and prayed it would be back to my first love.


The same garbage fish, if not worse, was in that box.


Oh Gorton's, you do know how to disappoint.

You need to fire all your QA people, because it is obvious they are fucking retarded.

I won't be back.

Peace, Love and (why sell quality when you can sell crap??) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

That blows. I would be very pissed if someone change my yummy frozen BBQ wings.

sleepycathollow said...

It's all stinky dead fish to me.

But I do agree...why fix something that isn't broke?!

Shelly said...

hey girl! I was looking all over for your blog now that I have a PC that works again!

And I couldn't find you


But I've found you and now you wont be able to get rid of me `;~)

Sorry about the fishy fish :(