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Saturday, November 19, 2011

extreme couponing and those who are a-holes

~~~Copy and paste can suck. Please understand that :). Enjoy~~~~

The other day, on the news, there was a broadcast about "extreme couponing". I don't get it. I have a life and a family so I can't, personally, sit around 8 hours a day cutting out fucking coupons. Kudos who those who can. The woman they showed had wiped out all the brownie mix and asked for more. I had previously seen commericals for a program about EC'ing and one that stuck in my craw showed a woman who wiped out a shelf full of boxed potatoes that were on sale, saying, "Well, next time you need to get here earlier than me! hardy har har" Oh that pissed me off. What about the mom who *works* two, three jobs for a living and can't get to the store before you stupid ass shows up and wipes out everything. There is good and bad to all, not saying that all EC'ers do that. I would never make that kind of assumption. So, on that broadcast, I put that up as my status on FB. Here it is:

Still not sure on my opinion when it comes to extreme couponing. Is it a parent saving money for her family or a parent living gluttony at its finest. After all, who the hell actually needs 50 boxes of brownie mix and 500 gallons of laundry soap?

Logical question, right? Not insulting. Not passing judgement. I. just. don't. get. it.

The conversation went on with a few jokes being hurled. Then, a bitch showed up. An EC (extreme couponer) rearing her ugly "christian" head. Here is that conversation:

  • Debbie I met a gal *** who appeared on the show "Extreme Couponing". She was visiting family here in Mich. (small world, her husband's Aunt is my cousin :o) She began couponing so that she could mostly work from home because she has young children. But she feeds four families every month, provides I think she said 90% of the food for a local food pantry and sends items regularly to our troops.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White Big difference from the EC'ers we hear about. Good on her.
    3 hours ago · · 1
  • Missy
    · Friends with Debbie
    Penny, my question to you many extra families do you feed? I am the EC that Debbie is speaking of.....and when I hear people "JUDGING" those of us on the show as a comes off as someone that is either jealous or too lazy to do something for themselves or others.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Missy

    on other thing is no matter what the person does with the "stuff" that they purchase it is helping stimulate the economy in the area that they shop. So for any store that accepts coupons they get 100% of the face value of the coupon back AND .08! .08 may not sound like a lot of money but believe me .... it adds up quick!
    about an hour ago ·
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White ‎Missy, so I am either jealous or lazy. Very nice. Appreciate it. Actually, I volunteer for Oxford/Orion FISH and have been involved in many charity services for the hungry. Thank you for JUDGING me. Oh, and never mind that I said that what you did is good thing.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Missy

    if you work so closely with the services for the hungry how in the world are questioning and bashing those of us who are working so hard to feed the hungry?
    about an hour ago ·
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White I am not playing this game with a person I do not even know, but has already passed judgement on me. I am not sure how I am "bashing" anyone. I simply *asked* the question of who needs 50 boxes of brownie mix or has the right to take everything off a shelf and then laugh about it. If you want to state your side, great. It is so welcome to hear from a real EC'er. If you feel the need to right to insult those of us who don't understand it, leave this discussion alone, knowing that you are doing a good thing.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Missy

    Penny, you stated "And don't pull the "Well, she is giving 70 soap hand pumps to the local shelter." I do NOT condone shelf clearing....I do not do that...on or off story airs frequently as I have 2 episodes thus far.....I was just commenting on what YOU stated. I have taugh over 13,000 families how to save money! each of them were taught for free as I do not charge for my classes...never have, never will...I travel the country and teach each class the same. I have NEVER had a problem finding a place to donate stuff, even when I don't know where it is going when I purchase it. God provides that opportunity to give it when it is needed.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White Then why not just say that instead of deciding to insult me? I am not jealous or lazy, far from. You have helped thousands...I've only helped a few. I am sorry if that isn't deemed to be good enough for you. What you do is a great thing, I have said that more than once. I get it. I apologize if you feel I insulted you personally, as that was not the intent. Put the defenses down.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White You honestly do not know me, my family, my friends, or the way I speak or the manner in which I say anything. You need to relax just a smidge.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Missy

    Penny when you help ONE person, you have HELPED doesn't matter to that ONE person if you help ONE million.....when you speak of EC'rs.....I am a part of that....and I was just simply stating what I feel when people are judging us a whole....I don't think that people think that the people behind the camera are real....that stuff is edited but it is not scripted....they do not bring coupons or shopping list, nothing but the lights and cameras when they come.....
    about an hour ago · · 1
  • Penny Ann Fassett-White Like I have said and said again, if you had just said *that* instead of calling those of us who are either new to this or don't understand this way "jealous" and "lazy", this convo would have gone very differently. If I had first said, "Who are this arrogant pigs who do this extreme couponing" (is that even a word lol?) then I would totally, absolutely deserve your venom, *but I did no such thing*. I have apologized as much as I can. I understand where you come from. I consider this matter closed. I have zombies to kill.

    (Retarded copy and paste. From this point it is me talking.)

    Yeah. Go figure. She pulled the "God" card. Make me vomit, 'Also, I have *yet* to hear an apology from this "christian" woman on her insults towards me and my family.

    Please take note that I at *no time* insulted her in any way, shape or form. I complimented her, even before her attack. I apologized *numerous* times. I did not call names. I did not judge. BUT, I was judged, insulted and told off by a "christian" who is working her way into heaven in spades. I never asked for her fucking resume of super wonderful, look-at-me-I-am-perfect bullshit.

    So, I am offically "jealous" and "lazy". All because I asked a question. Wow. Glad she is a "christian" or I'd think she was passing judgement on me.

    Needless to say, I do have a new opinion. Not about extreme couponing. but about the EC'ers themselves. From what I see here, they really are arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic assholes. Thank you Missy, for proving my opinion.

    I will now sit back and enjoy munching on my sale priced Meijers popcorn, drinking Michigan-made wine, and throw a finger at the self-righteous of the world.

    Peace, Love and (shove your coupon up your ass) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm always surprised by people... You would think that after having been startled by them all the time, I would expect it, but I never do.

This is my point, you have an opinion on EC and you shared it. I would understand if the person who left the first message about her very giving friend would have stopped it there. Everybody's opinion is valid. But why attack someone just because they don't think like you? This lady could have just left on her marry way. It is your freaking Facebook profile and in it you can say whatever the heck you want, coming to share a bunch of crap is kind of crappy on her part.

I'm a bit startled by extreme couponing. That's a lot of brownie mix. I don't know how the whole thing works, so I'll stay out of the main conversation. I still don't like the snarly comments you got.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Mag@ exactly. I didn't *have* an opinion at that time. I posted my confusion on the whole matter. If she had said, "I kind of take offense to what you said", and then explained her side, no problemo. But she attacked *instantly*, and I don't go for that. Thanks to that lovely human, I do have an

Debbie W said...

I has been my experience if you question someone who has an addiction or is OCD they will generally take offense to what you have said (even if it was indifferent)then turn it around and attack you and your beliefs. Another life can never have a reasonable discussion with an unreasonable person. :)

Cogent Ascending said...

I think the show is crass, absurd, a terrible way to highlight the gluttony and greed of the MANY who do nothing but hoard what they receive from their extreme couponing and serves only to make a grim and extremely visible spectacle of the kind of "American" image we are so thoroughly loathed for abroad. Just because one person donates doesn't mean every other person on that show isn't itching that OCD scratch they have when it comes to using inexplicably bizarre behaviors to curb some internal anxiety borne of some long ago trauma.
Blessings to the lady who does teach and share her bounty but she needs to realize she's the exception to the insane fucking nuts as all hell rule which demands these people behave as inappropriately and repulsively as humanly possible for the fifteen minutes of fame they're being given.