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Monday, October 24, 2011

yeah...i'm a, whatcha gonna do about it??

This post will be a little less visceral. This post is a nod to gamers like me. Specifically, horror games. To put a finer point on it, zombie games.

Mmmmm, zombies.

Here we go:

1) Left 4 Dead. Poor Bill.

2) Left 4 Dead 2. Love the constant blog updates. I am totally addicted to this game.

3) Dead Island. Looooooooooooove this game, but am frustrated as bloody hell with it at the same time. Come on Sinamoi, you asshole, take the damned juice!

4) Call Of Duty: Black Ops or World At War: Only played this a few times, but come on, you get to destroy Nazi zombies! Wonder if one of them is the Pope...(look it up folks and blame it on Susan Sarandon).

5) DeadRising 2: Started out my obsession with DeadRising: Chop Til You Drop. Gotta love it.

6) Resident Evil. Like I need to say more???

7) Plants Vs. Zombies. Completely assinine and I completed it. So?

Do yourselves a favor and try one of the babies out. I am still chomping at the bit, hoping and praying and lighting candles that there will be a "Left 4 Dead 3". If Valve doesn't do it, they are morons!

I never said "fuck" once! Ain't you proud?

Peace, Love and (XBox 360, zombie is thy name) Zombies \IiiI


Willow Silverhorse said...

I'm a gamer too! I love both Left 4 Deads! Haven't played Dead Island yet but I really want to. The COD where you kill the Nazi zombies was okay, but I got a little bored with it. Never played DeadRising. I thought it wasn't zombie or supernatural related. I'm not big on the military type games. Resident Evil was alright. I think I need to replay it now that I'm older and see if I even like it. I loved playing F.E.A.R. 2 and wish I had the money for F.E.A.R. 3, but it'll have to wait. I also played Silent Hill Homecoming and absolutely loved it, but the only way I got through it was with a cheat book, telling me where to go because I got so lost with the map. Anyway, nice to meet another gamer lol!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Willow@ LOL. My girls love Resident Evil even though I personally found it a bit redundant. I have to love COD because all my husband will play are war games and this was the only way for us to find a happy medium lol. Deadrising is all zombie, all the time :). Never played F.E.A.R, but now I will have to! I may need to get a book for Dead Island at this rate! Long live the gamers!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the Resident Evil games. I do like Left 4 Dead, although it makes me motion sick. lol

Debbie W said...

I'm sensing a "dead" theme here. :)