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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

movies were made for zombies

Since Hallowe'en is rolling around, I thought I'd share a couple of my hundreds of favorite horror flicks, starting off with, what else...Zombies :).

Here we go:

"The Horde"

Believe it or not, a French zombie film. Up until now, I didn't know the French could do anything right quite frankly, but they proved me wrong here. Unique film 110% with an ending you really won't see coming. Even if you aren't into subtitles (I am, since I always have the captioning on anyway) give this one a go.

"Zombies Of Mass Destruction"

Silly, campy, over-the-top zombie flick. Pits the craziest of the Christian right and lunatic redneck factions against the always evil Muslims and Homosexuals. Don't get you hackles up. Trust me, it's funny.


The day your boyfriend/husband/significant other, decides he needs a vacation from you, watch this. Actually, make *him* watch it. Just when a man thinks the worst thing about his girl is her mouth, here comes one who wants to eat him...and not in a good way.

"Boy Eats Girl"

Gone are the days when you had to worry that your son would be out to have sex with all the girls. Now you have to worry if he will try to eat her brains instead. Keep mom out of the crypt and you will be fine...maybe.

"Black Sheep"

This is what happens when farmers and scientists decide that lambchops just aren't what they could be. For sure not your typical zombie flick, unless you have seen a lot of sheep eating their shepards lately. A must see!

And last but not least...

A movie who's description is completely, totally and utterly...


"28 Days Later"

Not the greatest movie in the world. I kind of liked "28 Weeks Later" better, but let me get one thing perfectly straight:


Zombies are created when someone or something is infected by means of physical contact or disease, dies and then rises from the dead. The victims in the movie are never dead. They are infected by a chemical created by, whom else, the CDC (or British eqivalent), to cause extreme, uncontrollable rage, to be used by the military as a weapon. People are infected either by ingesting the blood through the mouth or eyes, or are bitten by another infected. They are then infected by the Rage virus, thus going on a bloody rampage attacking and killing anyone in their way. Note, though, that those killed by the infected *NEVER COME BACK FROM THE DEAD*, only those who are bitten and survive. Hence, they are not, by any definition, zombies.

So please...





So, there you go. I will be putting up many many more of my favs and massive dislikes as we draw closer to the greatest holiday of all-time.

Can't wait, can you?

Peace, Love and (a victim by any other infection is not a zombie) Zombies \IiiI


Ann Worthington said...

Is it sad that I have only heard of the last one? I live under a rock, what can I say.

Lin said...

Haha I love that the 28 Days Later thing bothers you so much because I irritates the heck out of me too! I'm always telling people, it's a VIRUS, like the flu & they're still alive. Zombies are dead & then they're alive...there's a difference & they're not in this movie!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Lin, I seriously thought I was the only one that bugged lol!