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Monday, October 10, 2011

just do it

Below is a long list of off the beaten path Asian horror films. It would take forever to explain them all, so I put the briefest of synopsis' on each of them. If you have netflix, just get them. Trust me...would I lie to you?


Make sure the ad you put out for talent is the talent you are looking for.


Kind of like the game "Portal", but with real people.

"The Red Shoes"

DSW aint' got nothing on these!


Practice makes...perfect?

"Ab-Normal Beauty"

Just a wee nip and tuck can't hurt, right?

"Ichi The Killer"

Everyone has a special talent...even a hired killer.

"Art Of The Devil"

Be aware of the company you keep.


What are you willing to eat to maintain eternal youth?

"Tokyo Gore Police"

To protect, serve and slice you to bits.

"Exte: Hair Extenstion"

Sometimes fake is just better.

You have to be the kind of messed up I am to really love these types of movies. But hey, if you are, life is just so much sweeter anyway, don't you think??

Peace, Love and (weird is the new normal) Zombies \IiiI


Anonymous said...

I have seen Audition. That is some messed up stuff. lol

Lin said...

Looks like I'll have a couple of movies to watch this weekend :)