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Friday, July 22, 2011

never said i was shakespeare

Every once in a while, I get a poetic bug, and I use that term loosely. These are two I put together last year and thought were lost. Laugh I you like, but do it quietly. I may be tough, but I do have feelings, believe it or not... Forgive the double spacing...

Beaders Lament


Sparkling, glittering

Beads on string

Shining and gleaming

Baubles and things.


Threads, wire

Needles and glue

Cutters and pliers

So much to do.


Seed beads, patterns

Crystals galore

Bracelets and necklaces

Earrings and more


Amethyst, Silver

Garnet and Gold

Amber and Turquoise

Riches untold.


What to do, what to do?

Where to start next.

This obsession I have

Friends are perplexed.


Huddles, drooling

Around boxes and bags

Sorting, placing

By color and tags.


Hungry, thirsty

No time to speak

Go to sleep? NEVER!

That is for the weak!


Blurry eyed, cackling

Stringing my pretties

Must finish the project!

Don't get it? Pity...


Obsession, addiction

I must have it all!

Yes, I have it in twelve colors,

But those are for Fall!


You just do not get it,

You just do not see.

I'm a special creature

So please, let me be.


For I am a Beader

With only one hitch

Beads are my mistress

And I am their bitch.

Let It Go

A warm wind blows

the scent on the breeze

carries memories.

Soft and sweet,

raw and pungent.

Closing your eyes,

you breath deeply

filling your lungs.

Holding your breath

the air enters your blood,

courses through your heart,

flows through your soul.

You hold on to the sensation,

letting it permeate every corner

of your being.

Exhale, you release more than just breath

but all the darkness inside of you.

It escapes in a mist

now caught on the breeze

swirling and dancing around you.

You open your eyes and watch

as it begins to slowly



Leaving nothing behind



Peace, Love and (why am i sharing this with y'all?) Zombies \IiiI

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Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

Lovely poems! Keep 'em coming :)