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Thursday, July 21, 2011

...and a side of brains please

It is finally here.

Plus One Weekend.

Or, for me it is "Minus Three Kids and One Husband Weekend".

Don is taking the girls and three of their friends camping this weekend and leaving me to have some down time. Yes, he is psychotic, and he himself is wondering if he needs to start taking meds. What will I do? No f'ing clue, but for at least an hour or so after they leave I will probably just sit here in silence with a shit eating grin on my face, then I will bbq my dinner and let my zombies roam.

On the weather front, believe it or not, it will be *hotter* here in Oxford then it will be in El Paso. 101 degrees with a 110 degree heat index, plus a side of 80% humidity minus a single cloud in the sky. Holy shitballs. I was suppose to shop for my "mommy supplies" this morning (you know: steak, liqour, veggies, liqour, chocolate, liqour), but I let Don take my truck for fear of his dying from heat stroke. His car has no a/c. I am a freaking saint!

As far as the computer goes, I am a happy girl once more. Don, my stud muffin, got all my stuff back, including all my music and, *insert happy dance here*, my Zuzu Zombie book I have been writing :). Oh I just tingle!

Let's see...what to complain about. Nothing at the moment, but then, I haven't gotten anyone out of bed. Yes, it is late, and I don't care. Stuff your good mommy award, I want no fighting for now.

That seems to be it for now. Need to get the trailer ready to go for tomorrow. Go go go. GOOOOOOOO!

Peace, Love and (the sound.....of silence) Zombies \IiiI


Ms. ScotchyScotch said...

OMGGGGGGG ENJOY THE SILENCE!!!! Lucky girl!!! I told P the other day that if he and the kids left for a week (this convo was inspired by the movie, "Hall Pass") I would be drunk on cheap likkuhs and playing XBox all day. haha

BTW...I live in Newnan, GA, and they are currently taping WALKING DEAD here!!! They are using the nearby highschool as a feds building the survivors go to! YAY!!!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Ms. ScotchyScotch@ the fam and friends leave at noon...I totally plan to be on my way to shitfaced by 1 lol! I also plan to be killing zombies on my XBox for a *huge* portion of the day! We would be awesome together!

WALKING DEAD!!!!! I cannot wait for the new season!

Anonymous said...

Mine are going camping, too. I'm excited to have the house to myself.
Enjoy the silence.

Ms. ScotchyScotch said...

You luckies.... NO FAIR! P is gone on tour again, and Im at home with Ms. Going On 17 and Mr. Insane Clown Diapie!

DId you two see that there is a new XBox 360 Kinect game coming out in Sept. where you get to kill zombies??? THAT WILL BE AWWWWE-SUMMM!! I just played Deathly Hallows on Kinect, and lemme tell ya...that is not for over 30-sumfins. My shoulder and elbow are so soar from all the movements. I didnt know Id need a warm-up exercise before a video game! SHEESH!! :)

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Scotchy@ I'm living on Left For Dead 1 and 2, awaiting Dead Island to make itself known. I LOVE ZOMBIE GAMES!