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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you won't find it here

If you came here to find me blogging about something happening in the world, you won't find it here.

I know what is happening in the world, but if you came here for some kind of diatribe on the end of the world, nuclear anything or killer kiwis, look elsewhere.

I don't want to talk about that.

I am tired of having to hear people talk about it.

Yeah, things are bad.

It sucks.

Can we move on for a moment?

I do daily protection meditations on myself to try and keep out all the pain that is saturating everything around us. Call me the empath in a bubble. I almost said condom, but that is just gross...and slippery...

Instead, I will talk about:

~~The weather warming up. Well, by Michigan standards. We will have a high of 52 today and a possible high of 60 tomorrow.

~~Speaking of tomorrow, it will be my birthday. Nothing special happening, but Don said he and the girls will make me a cake. Mmmmm cake.

~~I'm taking Friday off...and it is payday to boot.

~~My middlest has shown me that she has an *amazing* singing voice that I never really knew she had. I'm not talking about that retarded vocal acrobatic Aguilera crap, or speak-words-to-music crap, but a *REAL* singing voice (like me *smug look*). She auditioned for "Aladdin" at school yesterday so here is hoping she gets a part.

~~The torture known as "Annie Get Your Gun" will be over by April. Praise the Goddess Freya, the Lord Jesus Christ and all the little dust bunnies under my couch.

I will talk about the zombie apocalypse ad nauseum because it makes me happy.

But no nuked killer kiwis, the bird or the fruit.

Peace, Love and (no baddie bad stuff here...nonono) Zombies \IiiI

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Mejis said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!