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Sunday, February 20, 2011

back by unpopular demand...

Me. And my alter ego, Eris, Goddess of Chaos.

Don't be afraid, but a smidge of trembling would be appreciated.

Anyhoo, it has been a long two weeks. Sofia left, I got sick, then sick again. Don went to New York, Stephanie went to Lansing, the girls went nuts and I went, well, nowhere warm.

The lady who owns the local bead shop looked at me and said, "Dang girl! You are *SKINNY*!" I will be spending more money in her store.

Fibro flair-ups suck...the flu sucks. Having both at the same time, triple dog sucks.

We are having another snow storm tonight. Possible 6 to 10 inches. Thank goodness. That warm weather is for wimps.

A shirt the other day read: Detroit. You aren't strong enough to live here. I have one: Detroit. Don't be dumb enough to move here.

Know something cool: when you husband and oldest daughter can go to the store, see a pretty shirt, they bring it home and it fits perfectly. Not being a 3x anymore rocks.

I need to start using my creativity as an outlet more often. Cabin fever and Spring-is-never-going-to-fucking-come fever is killing me. If I don't hone that anger, something may die.

A parent and a teacher at work blamed us noon aides for issues in their classrooms. The first one, a known dumbass freak, says we bullied her son. First of all, I don't bully any child ever, but I do discipline. Second, her son is a total shithead and, if he were bullied by someone, he deserved it. The second one with the teacher, she got angry because her useless piece of shit parapro (read lazy ass babysitter) was asked to keep an eye on the classroom for a whole 15 minutes when we were down from 8 noon aides to 3 for an entire school. The puta complained. I hope she gets leprosy and her great big bubble butt falls off, then goes zombie and eats her.

But I harbor no ill will.

I need some aspirin...maybe a beer. Yeah, that works.

Have a great week y'all. I am certainly going to try to.

Peace, Love and (chaos is my middle name) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

Good to read you back and loaded. I think my chest died a couple of days ago; I'm coughing up the decayed bits. Chest/head colds suck too, especially when they come accompanied by a migraine that doesn't fit in your house.

Hope you got your aspirin. I'm going to put myself through another sinus cleansing regiment and then to continue catching up with school work.

What out for wendigos!

Anonymous said...

I sent the picture on Wednesday. I hope it arrives in one piece. I don't trust postal workers. They manhandle everything.
So much for an early spring for you guys. :(

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm sure there are specific guidance telling people not to read blogs while on cold meds. I just read my "What out for wendigos!" Which of course was my attempt at wittiness with zombie-like creatures in it, gone totally wrong.

I meant "watch out"

But I least my silliness made me laugh. Enough to make my chest hurt. Ouch.

Penny said...

Mag@ I actually read it as "Watch out" and didn't even know that that wasn't what it said until you said otherwise lol.

Mejis@ I can't wait! Even though, at this snowy rate, it may not arrive until June lol.