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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why tattoo?

I'm turning *cough* 40 on the 17th of March. The big 4-0. I try not to cry when I think about it. I haven't done anything remotely special since my 21st birthday, so I wanted to do something big for myself from myself. I want to get a new tattoo that represents my husband. It will be a lotus flower, kinda like the one below (but prettier :))...

and on top of it, in a nice script the word "Just Relax". My husband is always trying to pull me back down to earth and constantly tells me to relax when I begin to freak out. I have thought about it since I got my ankle/foot tattoo last year.

My husband doesn't really understand why. Why tattoos? Why get more than you have, meaning or not. I put some thought into that and I have a reason that is very personal:

When my mother and father died, my father's other daughter and her mother took and destroyed/sold/stole/gave away everything from my life. Family photos from the 1800's, personal pieces past down from my great great grandmother, special jewelry and other objects of personal affection. Gone. Except for the rumtopf I have mentioned before and a few photos, I have nothing to prove I ever existed before the age of 25.

Tattoos. My tattoos have meaning. They are personal. They are my memories etched onto my flesh for eternity. No one can take that away from me. When my daughters grow up and move away, I will have my ankle tattoo to look down at and smile. I have my frog/yellow rose of Texas tattoo representing my mom. When my husband is away from me, I will have my lotus flower and his words to me, "Just Relax."

Seem silly? That is okay. They are for me. Forever. No one can take that away.

Peace, Love and (ink me) Zombies \IiiI


Magaly Guerrero said...

I have five tattoos and each tells a story. I wouldn't change them/give them up for the world. I get you, and like you said they are for you.

Enjoy your beautiful ink, darling!

Debbie W said...

It's all personal. All six of mine have a tale to tell. Those without tatts just don't get it.

Penny said...

My hubs has two. The first one he got when he was in the Army and did it because his friend was getting one and he got bored waiting. The second is one from a book he read. His have no deep down meaning like mine do, so I guess that is why he doesn't really understand lol. A friend of mine wants to get one just to get one...I told her that is no reason to get ink'd.

Shelly said...

I love my tattoo and have plans for lots more. I think that is a lovely idea for your tattoo! Where are you going to get it?

Penny said...

Shelly@ I plan to get it on my left wrist :).

Shelly said...

OHH, I've been thinking about getting a lotus on my left wrist for a long time!