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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what are they thinking?

Tonight, Don and I are going to an informational meeting for the Chinese students we will be hosting starting the 28th of this month. One student will be living with us until the 11th of February which will be very interesting to say the least.

At first, when Stephanie gave me the paperwork for it, I thought, "Hey! This will be fun and a cool way to introduce my girls, and our host student, to new cultures and stuff!" Now, I am terrified lol. I don't live in a big house...I keep it as clean as I is always chaotic around here. What will this poor girl think lol?

Also, and the one thing that is so confusing to me, is why in the world did the powers that be who set this thing up decide that the end of January/beginning of February was a good time to bring them here?? I mean, seriously, this is the dead ass end of winter around here. Frozen solid, ice storms, below 0 temps. Can't go to the lake, the park, for a walk, no pretty trees or flowers, no birds, and definitely no sun. It would be like me going to Alaska right now or even taking a dip from here and sending them to Death Valley in July. Not smart trip taking. I hope it all turns out okay.

Dumb question: why is it that only the driverside windshield wiper goes coo-coo and not the passenger side? Big old frozen smidge right in front of my face, but the other side, clear as a bell. Not far. And what does "clear as a bell" mean anyway?

Rabbit trail...

Oh, I noticed I lost a "follower". Aww, you no likey me anymore lol? C'est la vie. More room for the fun ones.

I'm sick. Not happy about that. Yucky.

I'll go now. I need to grab something to eat, take a shower and go to work. I stayed home yesterday in the hopes that whatever was trying to eat me alive would go away. It decided to stay. Darn it.

Gonna share the germs with them that gave em to me :).

Peace, Love and (aaaaachooooooo! want ketchup with that?) Zombies \IiiI


Pamela said...

We loved having our exchange student, Margot from France, last year. Is this a program set up by the school? Ours was so Margot would go off with Sophia each morning on the school bus, join the rest of the visiting students, and then they would go off for the day to see local sights. They stayed at the high school only on one morning, to tag along to classes, and then all go to a workshop at the school in the afternoon.

We had to provide a lunch every day and meals at home, but the French students were part of a chorus group and they had one night of rehearsals and one night of performing so dinner was taken care of on those two nights.

Can you contact your student by Facebook and/or Skype? How good is their English? I'm not going to even ask how good is your Chinese! I found my French (after many,many years of high school and college French) to be sadly lacking when it came to a conversation. Margot's broken English, my broken French, Vic's limited Spanish, a French/English picture dictionary, and a whole lot of sign language got us through!

We took Margot and a couple of the other students bowling one night and they loved that, and we also hosted an afternoon gathering (chips and soda) at our house. They also spent their time comparing phones and texting each other - no language barrier seemed to get in the way. We also had a couple of the students over for dinner and that went really well too.

I hope you all have a great visit with your student and maybe pick up a cooking tip or two to pass on!

MoonbeamDancer said...

Relax!!! You will have a ball. I have a very tiny 2 bedroom, 1 bath house (you have to go through my bedroom to get to the bathroom), yet we hosted many exchange students (all from France). They stayed with us anywhere from 4 weeks to an entire year. We learned so much from them. They loved our laid back American lifestyle (pizza in front of the TV), food (jell-o, tacos, peanut butter, complete turkey dinner with fixens). One's family also came for a visit, we borrowed a camper and parked it in the yard for them to stay in, and Mama cooked for us - authentic French cusine - mmmm. We have kept in touch with a couple of them over the years. It was a wonderful experience, I am sure yours will be also!

bingsy said...

followed you, so now you're even again

Cogent Ascending said...

You're brave.
I would never have the guts to take care of a child from another house let alone another country.
Of course the idea of taking care of any kids makes me want to light my head on fire but that's irrelevant . . .