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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

how to remain polite in the face of abject stupidity

I am not an expert in anything but massive sarcasm. But I do know sign language. Well. Well enough to have been certified in two states and get paid very nicely to do my job in the areas of all things medical, legal and educational. Went to school, got a degree, and did it professionally for 15 years. I also know that, to truly teach someone how to sign, you have to not only know to signing but all the ins and outs and nuances of it all.

Then there is my 14 year old's ASL "teacher".

When she told me that she was going to be in an ASL class, I thought it was fantastic. Give her some other place to learn it besides just here, and I could help her out. Then she started tell me what her teacher was telling her. Bizarre signs for words that never existed. Telling them that they have to use over-exaggerated signs in general conversation. Never move your mouth. Use static facial expressions. I try...Lord knows I keep my mouth shut every time she comes home with something new from this...woman. This female is her teacher, so, of course, she must have experience, right? Right? Right?

I asked my precious child a few questions concerning this woman:

Me: So, how long has your teacher been signing?
Her: I don't know.
Me: Well, what is her experience? Was she an interpreter?
Her: Nope. She took a couple classes in college when she was younger.
Me: *staring* Huh?
Her: Yeah. She had a class or two when she was in college years ago and decided it would be fun to teach it to us. She is going to go back and learn more.
Me: *staring* O....kay.
Her: What's wrong?
Me: *bursting blood vessels* Oh....nothing.

Seriously? A "few classes"?? I took a few classes in Spanish and Chemistry...does that mean I can now be a Spanish or Chemistry teacher?? NO! You have to have a degree and honest backgrounds in that stuff. But, oh, hey, ASL is just the language of *few million* Deaf people, so why would you want a teacher of the language to actually fucking know what she is talking about????? That is just STUPID!

*sigh*. I'll calm down. Or at least try to. For now...until the precious child comes home with another bit of knowledge from a moron.

Until then, enjoy this song. This is one of the reasons I love signing. It is expressive, emotional and fun. This young lady is awesome. Also, notice the girl is moving her mouth. My daughter's teacher may have to penalize her grade points for that. And for the fact this girl knows what she is doing.

This video has bad words, so if you are sensitive, go away.

Peace, Love and (if you don't know it, don't teach it!!) Zombies \IiiI


Diandra said...

You daughter should stop wasting her time trying to learn something from that woman...

bingsy said...

Wow! Her advice is the exact opposite of the tidbits I got in my education classes. I don't sign. I wish I did. I know about 8 words: sit, stand, thank you, please, more, mom, dad, and finished. I was told to always speak the words I was saying aloud, and I can't imagine not using my face. It just comes naturally to me - makes me a horrible liar - but comes naturally.

Please tell me she can change classes.