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Friday, December 17, 2010

random observations

Just things to bitch about lol:

~The net-haired lunch lady is still a mean, nasty person. Especially the ones who lose their minds over a kindergardener taking his milk and forgetting to hunt her down to be sure that the school gets it's extra .50 cents. I shit you not, she hounded all of us about watching the kids (even though we were dealing with a stage 5 puke situation, making milk watching null and void), and went to each an every table, scowling, wanting to know who had the *nerve* to take a milk. Good grief. Remember the days when the food was cooked at the school and it was edible? You know, before the government decided the kids needed to eat "healthier"? The food now is *NASTY*!!! It smells horrid, looks worse and is brought in frozen in boxes. Apples are pre-cut and in bags that who knows how long have been around. Yup...healthy.

~I love my job. I hate the fact the people around me assume I have no education and no experience in school. Most of those I work with are really nice, but there are a few. Lord help me. Nooooo, I don't expect people to know my background, but damn. One cow inparticular is a parapro, meaning she wanders around pretending she is watching the kids she is in charge of. Basically, she is an overpaid babysitter. She walks around looking like someone is holding up her ass with their foot. I call her "Sita", aka "stick in the ass". There are a few EI kids and one Deafie. I know how to work with them all, how to talk to them, how to defuse a situation. Did it for *years*. This woman finds the need to constantly tell me how to work with the kids. I stand there and smile, wait until she is done, and go on about my business. And it isn't just an informational "Oh, by the way, so and so...." kind of thing. It is a "Let me tell you how to work with this type of child. I am a paraprofessional..." Whoppee fucking doo. I went to college. I have a degree in a foreign language. I had taught in schools for years. I don't need you to talk to me like I am retarded. Yes, I am opening their milk cartons right now, but that doesn't mean that is all I can do. Bitch.

~The new McDonald's opened today. The old one was, well, old, and it was on a curve that was dangerous as hell to try and navigate. Damn, you'd have thought that the fat asses in this town had never seen a McDonald's. The line was *around* the building and *into* the street. What did they do? Camp out like teenagers for Black Veiled Brides concert tickets?? Try eating at home.

~Watched a video today about how letters to Santa are no longer full of "I want this toy or that toy", but asking Santa for a job for their mommy, or clothes for their baby brother. It breaks your hearts knowing that the children out there feel the pain of this shitty economy just as much as mommy and daddy do. Heck, there were even letters from parents asking for new shoes or winter coats for this kids. What is worse is that these people, who have been fucked over by the powers-that-be, the ones who are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to "help" us but instead take vacation after vacation *cough cough Obama cough*, are turning to an imaginary man to give them hope.

~Considered for a moment changing my blog name to "My Life As A Texan Zombie Spork: the most useful dead utensil ever". Came from the fact that I see sporks every day at work lol.

~Can't wait for Christmas to be over. Mainly because this Christmas tree in my living room is taking up most of my living room. Anyone who knows me knows my "less is more" theory, so the clutter is making me crazy lol. I will never be a hoarder, since I suffer from anti-hoarder syndrome, causing me to want to constantly throw shit out. Also, and this is going to sound so stupid, but I have no surprises waiting for me as far as gifts go. I picked out the perfume and make-up the girls are giving me, I picked out the gift that the hubs aunt is giving me. *sigh*. I'm weird, I like surprises. Yeah, roll your's fine lol. I will be surprised if my first paycheck shows up in the bank though...

~Coming up on the 4th year after my father's death. Moving on...

~I bought a new Yule candle for my altar :). Makes me happy. It is a bronzy gold with sparkles and compliments my little ode to the desert Goddess that is me in the corner of my beading desk.

~I have weigh-in tomorrow. I know for a fact my weight hasn't budged this week, especially since I have only had time to make it on the treadmill once this week. But, who cares I say!!! I am in a size 10. Simple win folks...simple win.... As long as I stay between 158 and 160, I am good :). After the first of the year it will be a cakewalk.

~Decided to put only one thing on my New Year's resolution list: Be yourself. Harder than losing weight and more important than anything else as far as I am concerned.

~Okay, I'm done. Until the morrow...

Peace, Love and (undead sporks unite) Zombies \IiiI


MoonbeamDancer said...

I am so happy to know I am not the only one to love suprises. Twice DH has surprised me, once with a vacuum cleaner (yeah - not) and once with a diamond - that was awesome. Generally he asks me for a list, since I know he will get exactly what I write, I usually only put practical items; slippers, socks, etc. Then he always gets me Godiva chocolates (one year 3 boxes cause he lost my list and couldn't figure out what else to get me), lingerie and a bottle of obsession perfume. No surprise and at all :(

Penny said...

Moon@ Well, at least Godiva is an awesome chocolate lol. I would smile at the vacuum personally...mine sucks (no pun intended lol).

Cogent Ascending said...

LOVE the new blog title! DO it!

MoonRae said...

Ya know I thought maybe you and I were the "same" person.....I worked in my younger days for quite a few years at MHMR and then it was changed to Life Management Services. What a zoo...
The "Lovely" lunch lady, the surprise thing and McDonalds and....thought I was reading about myself....then I get to the "less is more" thing....WHAT!!! a beader that isn't a "hoarder" WHAT!!! That just aint right!!!!hehehehe
WOW, I want to come to your house and meet the beader that isn't a hoarder....(well,AFTER you move back to Texas, it's WAAAAY to f#ckin' cold where you're at now) Actually the hubs is sayin' I should become your best friend(or stalk you) so I can see that you (I) CAN be a beader and not hoard the damned things....yeah, sure....
Thanks for the grins girlfriend,
do ya ever wonder about the strange words on the word verification thingie??? today mine is "phuckest" !WOW! weird huh????I just had to tell ya

Penny said...

MoonRae@ bead desk. You should, as a beader, know that we don't "hoard". We "lovingly stash every shiny thing we can get our hands on no matter how fluffy our surroundings may become". (the word cluttered is for hoarders...not beaders) I'll put up a pic of my bead desk some'll see what I mean lol.

We are dern near the same person it seems :). We can become best stalkers to each other!

Those verification words really crack me up sometimes. Yours was the best by far!