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Saturday, December 18, 2010

don't ask me why

I work around kids every day now, and I see lots and lots of stuff. Straws. Milk jugs. Paper bowls. None of this captivates the senses more than the spork. So simple. So useful. A fork and a spoon have an affair and we get the spork. Now you can eat a steak *and* soup with the same utensil! How can you not love that!

Sporks. Zombies. Zombie sporks. Zporks? Spombie?

Death by spork.

Killer sporks from outer space.

Zombie sporks unite.

Definitely something to sell to the undead.

Zombie hoards. Having a hard time scraping that last piece of brain from your victims skull when your fingers keep flying off? We have the solution for you!!

Perfect for hollowing out a brain cavity or an eyesocket and stabbing that last bit of meat from the ear canal. Easy to use, easy to clean! Order now and get a second for half price!!!!

I feel like a zombie spork. Undead, always hungry but useful as hell.

Let's see what happens...

Peace, Love and (the woman who made this was a *genius*!) Zombies \IiiI


bingsy said...

They serve kiwis - just straight up with their brown fuzzy selves - at my school. The spork is the only way the students have been able to try to eat them.

Debbie said... are just not right sometimes! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Penny said...

Bingsy@ Mmmm kiwis. Ewww brown fuzzies.

Debbie@ I am nothing if not comic relief lol.

Mejis said...

If you knock off the middle "tooth" on a spork it looks like Batman. Just sayin'.

Sandra said...

And you know, I was totally craving steak and soup at the same time!