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Friday, November 12, 2010

oh look...the weekend

I'm sorry...I am low today so just be prepared. It won't last forever...just until I'm dead...or move out of Michigan...death will probably be first.

Another Friday is here. Yippee. Don comes home from Honeoye Falls, New York today after spending the week there at the new battery plant. Gotta love being on the leading edge of new technology. It actually is quite cool knowing my husband is working on the cars and batteries of the future.

Still waiting for the paperwork to arrive so I can start doing jobs here and there for the school district and make money for my kids.

As I was driving my middlest to violin this morning, I looked around at the dead trees, for lease signs and empty Starbucks, the thought crossed my mind: am I going to be trapped in this shitty place forever?

(This is me, begging to get out of the shithole that is Michigan as it slowly consumes my will to live)

My hubs, when he called me this morning on his way into the battery plant, asked me, "So, what new, exciting stuff are you doing today?" Did he really just ask me that? Funny man. Let's see...hmmmm....I'll clean the laundry...take care of the sick teenager. Damn, hold me back, I'ma freaking out on excitement!! This place is about as boring as I am assuming death will be one day. I kinda wanted to reach through the phone and smack him, but he was driving at the time (he was on a blue tooth so shut up).

Is it wrong to wish that everyone who drives down my street at 60 mph hits a tree and dies, because I do...I really really really really do.

On the bright side, um....err....*shuffles feet*...shit...I got nothing... Oh, wait, I'm up to 4 miles on the treadmill! Now I can be thin and bored instead of fat and bored lol! Nothing like losing a buttload of weight, only to hide it under big sweaters and parkas for 6 months.

Yeah, yeah, I bitch too much. I know. I am going to be way older in March and I think I am hitting a mid-life crisis or some shit. No, I'm not talking radical hairstyle or dressing like a slut crisis (although the idea of a nose piercing has crossed my mind), but something is making me unhappy. Sure, go all philosophical and say, "Oh, but Penny, we make our own happiness!" Go ahead...and I'll punch you in the neck. I'm just starting the winter blues way early to get a good start at them.

Life is good. Yes it is. It really really is. Think I will go celebrate by vacuuming.

Have a good weekend y'all.

Peace, Love and (*sigh* I can see why housewives do drugs) Zombies \IiiI

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Amanda said...

Hahaha, I was trying to copy the text about hoping speeders hit a tree and die and your message popped up. That's a good one!