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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day 3

Day 3 is 'favorite T.V. programs', and yes, I watch t.v. I am proud of it. Although I refuse to watch the news. All it does is piss me off lol.

"Fringe". I am all about the Fringe and am totally in love with....Walter. Didn't expect that, did you lol. Right behind "Fringe" is "The Event" in this sci-fi-drama-fantasy genre.

"Wolf Lake". Found this on Syfy one day and fell in love. Lou Diamond Phillips...what's not to love? They only taped 10 episodes back in 2001, and I very much wish they had taped so much more.

"The Big Bang Theory". Definitely my #1 favorite sitcom, #2 being "Mike and Molly". We have all known, or been, these characters. Besides, my namesake is on here! *knock knock knock* Penny? *knock knock knock* Penny? *knock knock knock* Penny?

"Hell's Kitchen". I am a Ramsey groupie. Don't know why, but I am. Love all his programs: Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, Master Chef, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, etc.

"L.A. Ink". Started out with my love for "Miami Ink", and naturally fell into the L.A. hole. Kat is an amazing artist, but a complete moron otherwise. She managed to drive away damned near everyone who has ever supported or cared about her. I love the stories behind the tats and the other artists. I am waiting for her to completely implode.
"Flipping Out". I am a sucker for reality programming. Anyone who can handle a neurotic freak like Jeff Lewis is worth watching lol.

There you go. Yes, I do have odd tastes in t.v. Others I frequent are "Real Housewives of *Everywhere*" (except DC), "The Bad Girl's Club", "The Rachel Zoe Project", "Tori and Dean", "Hawaii 5-0", on and on. Some homemakers have soap operas, have my reality shows :).

Peace, Love and (when does the new season start?) Zombies \IiiI


Debbie said...

I happened to see Wolf Lake on SyFy and liked it. Too bad it didn't make it past those few episodes.

I have to pass on reality television though...too many train wrecks and I end up feeling embarrassed for them. :)

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Debbie@ I had such a horrendously messed up childhood that watching these shows actually make me feel normal lol. There are times when I change the channel or, in most cases, fast forward the parts that make me feel embarrassed for them too lol!