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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 days- day 2

Today is favorite movie, or for me, multiple favorites.

"Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". Love this movie so very much. Made me realize that we all need to stay children and never ever let yourself become a "Just a..." person.

"Dawn Of The Dead". I have this movie memorized word-for-word, moment-by-moment. If the world goes to the zombies, I'm going to the mall too.

"Boy Eats Girl". Fantastic Irish zombie flick that I found quite on accident while perusing the "Instant Queue" horror section. Highly recommend it!

"Lars And The Real Girl". Such a sweet movie that has so many layers and deep meanings to it. Ryan Gosling was awesome in this one.

"Nosferatu". Max Schreck. Need I say more?

I only have about 5000000000000 more I could add to this list. "Dead Girl", "Constantine", "Event Horizon", "When In Rome", "April Fool's Day", "Halloween" (all, even the bad ones), "Friday The 13th" (same as "Halloween"), "Thirteen Ghosts", "Saw" (et al."), "Exorcist", "Night Of The Comet", everything with Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Charleton Heston, all musicals (except that shitfest "Moulin Rouge, or anything containing Nicole Kidman...meh), old black-and-white westerns...see what I mean...too many!!

So, there you go. Hope everyone has a good day. Pink out...

Peace, Love and (so many movies, so little time) Zombies \IiiI

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Cogent Ascending said...

Loved all those movies but the boy eats girl one which I must now find and consume whole.