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Thursday, July 1, 2010

the art of packing with meds

Today we finish loading up for our vacation to Black Lake and the UP over the 4th of July holiday. To make this easier, I have put up a map to help explain lol:

Our town of Oxford is waaaay down there on Oakland County (green square) and Black Lake is waaaaaaay up there in Cheboygan County (blue square). Below is a pic of one of the beaches on Black Lake. Our friends have a cabin up there where we will spend three days. Don and his buddies have been taking spiritual retreats up there for a few years now and now the families are going up together.

Now, that little island looking deal between Cheboygan and Mackinac County is Mackinaw Island, where we will be spending a full day taking in the sights, sounds, smells and too much fudge. I have longed to go to Mackinaw Island since I saw "Somewhere In Time" a million years ago. Don even made reservations for us to have lunch at the Grand Hotel :):):)! Lunch is easier since you can be dressed casual. For dinner, men must wear suits and women must wear dresses. I hope Don and I will get to go there, just the two of us, one day so I can take in the Grand Hotel at night.

We will also be going to Whitefish Point, Tahquamenon Falls, Picture Rocks, all located in the UP of Michigan: the section that isn't even connected *to* Michigan, but rather to Wisconsin. I've always wondered about that one myself, but hey, who am I to argue...

During all of this, I will be taking muscle relaxants for my back. They haven't really done a danged thing for my back, but they sure make me sleep through the night lol. I figure with all the walking, biking and swimming I will be doing, I am going to need them!

Yes, I said swimming, God love me. This will be the first vacation where I will actually have shorts and shirts and will be able to at least where the top of my bathing suit in public...kinda. With my 25 lb. loss and my new size 12 body I actually feel *good* going into this whole deal. It's nice.

Don't get me wrong. I *hate* living in Michigan, but I will whole-heartedly admit that the UP has some of the most beautiful sights to behold. Even my backyard rocks, but I still love Texas more lol.

I will have pics of all the beautiful places we visit so be prepared :). I am off to take a shower, do some last minute shopping and get the girls off their butts and working on their rooms and packing.

Here's hoping my next vacation will be back to El Paso when I am at my goal of 50 lbs. lost 2-3 months from now!

Peace, Love and (get your ass in gear child!) Zombies \IiiI


Stacey said...

I LOVE the Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island. I miss it! I remember it when I was much younger. And fudge... well, say no more! I miss that, too! Have a GREAT 4th of July. I MISS THAT EVEN MORE!

Pamela said...

Have a fabulous time! We were on Mackinac Island in 2001 - Vic's aunt and uncle raced their sailboat in the Chicago to Mackinac race and we were there to meet them. It was an awesome trip - we took one of the horse-drawn tours of the island, visited the Butterfly Garden, rented bikes one day and cycled ALL THE WAY around the island (and lived to tell the tale!), and visited the Fort. The best fudge is at the Murray Hotel which is right in front of where you get off the ferry (or it was when we were there). We went past the Grand Hotel but didn't make it inside on that trip. I'm thinking it might be a nice milestone anniversary trip for Vic and I one day. Have a safe drive and a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see pictures - swimsuit shot must be included!!

bingsy said...

At the very least it is really fun to say Cheboygan. Makes me think of polka. The vacation sounds like it will be amazing! Size 12 is skinny in my book.

Cogent Ascending said...

I went to mackinaw island once as a teen with my parents. We spent the weekend in a cramped "cabin" on the edge of a mysquito infested "lake" on the main land before heading to the island where we discovered all the beauty of mackinaw is often supplanted by having to avoid giant piles of freshy spewed horse dookie. But on the upside I bought my favorite deck of tarot cards there and convinced locals I was a psychic authentic native american before charging them 20 bucks a reading.

Miss Tina said...

Have a great time!!!

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

I hope you all have a great time...April has been to Mackinaw Island and I LOVE her pictures.

Enjoy your deserve it, Girlie!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Well, I hope you are having a blast! I can't wait to see the pics, I'm sure you'll look wonderful.

AllyJo said...

Awww...babe, hope you're having a wonderful time. I noticed you were missing. Glad to know you weren't dead. LOL My zombie friend!!!!!