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Monday, June 14, 2010

30-day blog journal: day 3 and 4

I told you I'd forget a day :).

Day 3 was favorite t.v. show. I have quite a few, but my favorite favorite is "Fringe". Fantastical and engaging story line and not a bubbie in sight :).

Day 4 is favorite book. I have many many many many books I love so I figured I'd narrow it down to authors since, for some reason, I get hooked on a series and I will read it to the end. These are in no specific order.
Bernard Cornwell. The first book of his I picked up was "The Archer's Tale" from his Grail Quest Series. I finished off that one, then found his The Warlord Chronicles and now I am finishing off The Saxon Tales with his newest book, "The Burning Land". I will soon begin his The Sailing Thrillers. Yes, I am obsessed..

I have been reading Stephen King books for forever it seems. One of my favorites that I will read again and again is "The Talisman". This was the first "meaty" book I ever read, if that makes any sense, and I do believe it is what gave wings to my need to read at every moment of my life.

Everyone who breathes knows I love the desert southwest. I found an author very much by accident when we were refurbing our house by the name of Tony Hillerman. The first book of his I read was "Thief Of Time". I read every single solitary one of his books...consumed them if you will. He, sadly, passed a year or two ago, so I figured my need to read Southwestern detective novels was over. Then, one day, while perusing the new book section, I found Aimee and David Thurlo and their book "Earthway". Lo and behold, they are, what? Southwestern detective novel writers, and to top it off, they worked with Hillerman. Life is good once again. This book "The Coyote's Wife" is from their Ella Clah series, and another series of theirs that I enjoy is the Sister Agatha series. Wonderful wonderful stuff!!!

Again, an "on accident" find when I happened to turn down the wrong library aisle while looking for a new M.C. Beaton Hamish Macbeth series book. I came across a series of books called The Scrapbook Mysteries and The Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs. Awww, hell, their goes my addiction again!! That obsession began with this book from Tea Shop called "Blood Orange Brewing". I have read every one of the books from both series and I am now starting her new series, The Cackleberry Club.

So, there you go. I am a nutso fan girl with it comes to reading, hence the reason I cannot, in no way, shape or form can pick just one :). I highly recommend all the aforementioned books!

Peace, Love and (reading) Zombies \IiiI

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