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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the queen's meme

(Read it and sleep)

1. Name 2 things you have done under the covers in the last week. Slept and sneezed. I am not the farter in the family.

2. Do you know what a woobie is? Do you have a special one? Never had a woobie, but I do have a teddy bear. Been sleeping with one since I was two.

3. What prompts you to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world? Easy...the world in general.

4. Firm or soft? Happy combo of both.

5. Silk or flannel? Flannel. Silk is too slippery.

6. Lights on or off? When I sleep?? That is a truly dumbass question.

7. Fan or no air? Must....have.....air.....

8. Completely dark or nite light? Even though I am a huge nyctophobic and I believe in the closet monster and the things that live under the bed, the lights must be off completely.

9. Windows open or shut Open...if I had any.

10. Sweet dreams or nightmares? Fairly even amount of both.

11. PJ's or…… Depends on how cold my dungeon bedroom is. Sometimes a t-shirt...sometimes not.

12. Set bedtime? I have three kids. If I get to bed before midnight I consider myself lucky.

13. What do sheep count when they can't sleep? Butchers

14. What does your alarm clock sound like? The radio. Sometimes Don accidently turns on this progressive beeping thing. I yanked the radio out of the wall one time because of it.

15. White noise or music? Music

16. TV or IPod? T.V. or Zune. Ipods are for the sheep-like masses.

17. Can you recall a pleasant dream you'd like to share? Nope, sorry.

18. Under the covers or outside the covers? Both. Half my body under the covers, half over.

19. Insomniac or sleep angel? A sleepy insomniac angel

20. What is your favorite sleep aid for those tossin' and turnin' nights? A glass of wine.

21. Morning person or night person? Night person who loves the early dawn hours.

22. Bedtime snack? Bad for you!

23. Hot or cold room? Mid-range

24. Bedtime ritual? I say I will go to bed. I then check on the girls, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, put the puppy in her crate, check both doors, check windows, do any dishes in the sink, straighten up the living room, make sure all computers are off, check the toilet paper situation, use the restroom, brush my teeth and hair, get a drink of water and/or Tums, make sure all school bags are ready for the next day, start a load of laundry, turn off all the lights, check to see what Don left on my side of the bed that I have to remove then go to bed. Don just says, "I'm going to bed now" and does.

25. Twin, Queen, King, Bunk or Futon? I'd kill for a King. You try sleeping with a 6'4 hunk of a husband who snores like the devil.

26. Socks or naked feet? Depends on how cold the dungeon is that day.

27. Bedroom door locked or unlocked? Well, I could lock it, but we don't have a complete door wall, so there is a hole that the dogs and kids use to get in and out without opening the door. Makes a lock completely useless. Also makes for NO privacy.

28. Tent or hotel room? Hotel room or travel trailer. My back and hips are too bad for sleeping on the ground.

29. If you could be bored to sleep, what would bore you? People who still talk about how horrible they thought Bush was, or how God is dead and Christians are the downfall of man...blah blah blah...don't care...shut the f up.

30. Prayers or mantra? Both. I love to pray and I love to chant. American Indians have some beautiful prayers to recite.

31. What was the worst nightmare you ever had? I suffered from night terrors as a child. It was horrible.

32. Please share any ideas on how to stop a person from snoring.
I'm all ears. Cut their throats...suffocate them with a pillow...make them sleep outside...glue their nostrils shut...

33. If one purely pleasant thought could ensure fast and sound deep sleep for you every night, what would your one thought be? That I won't live in Michigan forever.

34. How many hours do you normally sleep? Around 5 if I am lucky

35. Thunderstorms or quiet starry night? I'll take either :).

36. Warm bath or hot shower? Yes

37. What is the craziest thing that ever happened in your bed? Okay...weird....

38. Name a song you could fall asleep to. The songs from Enya's "Shepard Moons"

39. Who last told you a bedtime story? No one...ever...

1 comment:

Mejis said...

I like your ideas to get people to stop snoring. I should try them out on my man. Mwhahahaha!