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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my humble educational beginnings- elementary

All awesome NE El Paso pics start with my mountain of course :). Everywhere you go in the '24, she is always there to great you.

I attended Fannin Elementary School from '79 to '82, the 3rd to the 6th grade. Mrs. Baldwin, my 3rd grade teacher, and Mr. Sanchez, my 5th grade teacher, were the absolute best. Ms. Cordova, 4th grade, and Mrs. Driscoll, 6th, were, um...not lol.

Our colors were orange and blue and we were the Tigers. I was always part of the baking committees and worked in the library. I had a lot of wonderful times and experiences here: making bake sale posters, eating snake meat and fresh sugar cane, parts in the school plays, and honing my love for vocal music and theater.

This was also where I learned of how evil people could truly be. I was haunted by a bully who took my lunch money, busted my knee at P.E., and, in this very parking lot, had my father tell me I was "the most stupid f***ing little b**** he ever knew" when I was in 4th grade. Words stick forever...

It was so much fun to go back and see the school again. It always feels so much *smaller* than you remember, doesn't it? This is where the legend that is me began. Cool, eh?

1 comment:

Debbie said...

What a shame one of your school memories has to be those horrible and harsh words to little girl you. :(

I have to agree, places of your youth always look much smaller when you revisit them. I took my daughters by my high school one day when we were in Virginia Beach. I remember it being much larger than it looked that day. :)