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Saturday, November 28, 2009

*sigh* and I'm just saying

Survived Turkey Day, thank goodness, but now I'm sick. Hit me instantly the other night. Took a look at my throat and it is looking icky down there. Not happy about this because, even though my family says, "Oh, we'll take care of you!", I think they mean, "We will trash the house and do nothing so you know we need you!" Man, if I die, they are screwed!

Movie recommendations:

"Star Trek" was fun and awesome. Like the way that they gave the original characters a background. If you haven't seen it, please do, even if you aren't a fan. My husband has never watched a STNG or anything unless forced to by me, and even he enjoyed it!

You want a different type of zombie movie? Check out "Pontypool". Not your typical horror zombie flick by any stretch of the imagination. Think "War Of The Worlds", 1938 radio psychological "whats gonna happen next?" type of horror. Picked it up on a whim and enjoyed it throughly!

~*~*~ Warning: "I'm just saying" time towards Black Friday'ers~*~*~

Okay. How do I say this nicely. Y'all are mental. Big time mental. Now, I'm not talking bout the victims, the ones who are drug along on this moronic trip on the lie that "It'll be *fun*!" that your friends give you. I mean the ones who do this shit every year. I went once...*once*...and have never gone again. There ain't nothing on God's green Earth that I have to kill an old woman for. No pair of shoes, video game, tshirt will drag out of bed at 3 a.m., or what I call "stupid o'clock". Did that in the military and as a mother of babies, not for sales. Do you feel better now that you have your kill in the back of the minivan, wondering how you will pay your bills or what in the hell you will do the with fifty pairs of "I love NY" socks you purchased because "It was just such a *good* deal!!!"? I'll sit here and laugh at you. Loudly. And often. Dorks.



Debbie said...

I had to take my daughter to work yesterday at dark o'clock.....I couldn't believe how full the parking lot was with people waiting to shop. I told her then there was nothing either of them could put on their list that would make me get up that early to shop! :) She said it was a zoo in their store! Craziness!!

MICHELE said...

Black Friday...
I agree with you once again...

Nothing like "greed," to bring on the true reason for celebreating this beautiful holiday.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better and that you're house doesn't look like a tornado swept through it while you were sick. That happens to me. Heathens.
I think those Black Friday shoppers are nuts, too.