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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what the hell wednesday

Found this interesting little meme out there in the wilderness:

What the Hell Wednesday: are you down with the sickness?

Welcome to this weeks what the hell Wednesday brought to you by the color snot green, piles of dirty tissues and more fluids please…here we go

Are you a stay at home sick one or are you a take it to work and spread the fun?

Both. Depends on whom I must come in contact with.

Are you a big baby when you get sick? Or do you have someone in your life that is a bigger baby that expects you to take care of them?

I am a married woman with a 6'4 husband...need I say more?

Do you think you have a sick personality? (take that anyway u want)


What do you think about mandated flu shots?

Just try and stick that thing in me. I watch horror flicks...I have a thousand different places I can stick it in you.

Are you terrified or tired of hearing about the h1n1 aka swine flu?

Absolutely, unbelievably, totally, throughly sick and tired of it!!!!!!

What is the sickest thing you have ever seen?

My fathers' wound from surgery. Had to clean it and pack it twice a day for 3 months. It was the first time I had ever seen something that almost made me pass out.

Would you let a student nurse take care of you? why or why not?

No way in hell. Students experiment, and I don't wanna be experimented on, thank you very much.

Have you ever called in sick when you weren’t sick? why?

Yes. If I told you why, then you'd use it, share it with others, and it wouldn't be an original thought anymore.

What is the worst "I am not coming in today" excuse have you heard someone use?

"Just can't get out of first gear." No shit...really...most humans can't, so what makes you special...

What is one thing that you can think of that make you sick to your stomach.

Anything having to do with fluids coming from the mouth. Spitting makes me want to hurl...thinking about it is doing it to me right now

If you could come up with an illness what would you name it?

Stupidius Massivius Dumbassite. Can only be cured with a bullet to the head...or two...or three.

Have you ever been sick in love?



LivingDeadNurse said...

love the site btw...added u

i like the bullet to the head two or three..muahha great answers

Anonymous said...

I can't stand any fluids being expelled out of the mouth either. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

~Byn There said...

SMD-love it, it is an epidemic in some areas. Although I must confess I suffer from a form of it but there are times I enjoy my ignorance of certain subjects. Mandated shots--give me a break, my kids are staying clean and so am I! With the gerneral demise in product quality lately I don't trust anything they're brewin' up.
Love the site make-over!