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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cuz it was there

"Michelle’s Made-up Meme from Monday"
(via Robyn :))

What I'm wearing:
Black workout pants
black shirt
flannel wrap
The last thing I ate:
Hamburger Helper
When I look right I see:
my back room
our movie popcorn popper
darkness outside the windows
When I look left I see:
my living room
the wall with a picture saved from the days of the great house auction
My least favorite thing I did today:
Grocery shopping
My favorite thing I did today:
watched "Deadgirl"
What I think about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize:
I think y'all know what I think about that one
Favorite joke lately:
my life in general
Something I learned today:
It is too damn cold
Pet peeve:
people seeing something on the floor
looking at it
then walking over it
instead of picking it up
(if I hear "I didn't put it there" one more time I may kill everyone in the house, including guests)
Favorite Beatles song:
Penny Lane
Something I cannot tolerate:
stupid people
who pretend
that they don't know
they are stupid
That said.... it's time to
to bed...

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