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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Still no information. We know no more than we did yesterday. Did he die of natural causes? Was it suicide? Foul play? Life insurance? Will? We have no idea what we will be dealing with yet. Tomorrow Don will be calling the M.E. and the officer for this case again tomorrow to try to learn more. We are disappointed with the officer since Don has called him twice and has received no phone call at all. Since his father was a veteran, the fears of a funeral are taken care of, but he was so secretive of his life, every corner will contain a new adventure.

The girls are doing okay I guess. Stephanie is being very stoic and I-don't-really-careish right now and Sierra and Savannah are being kids. Today at church, Si and Nana were trying to get us to let them have friends over. I told them we have too much to deal with right now, and we aren't talking dishes and laundry. Si looked at me and said, "Stuff like what?" I said, "Grandpa", to which Nana looked at me and said, "It's isn't like he is coming over any time soon." Out of the mouths of babes...

We are officially all out of piddies (if you are an old-time Tweety Bird fan, you will understand). First my mom in 2002, then his mom a few months later, then my dad in 2007, and now his father.

Don Sr. was only 58 years old, but a life of not taking care of himself, drugs, alcohol and general debauchery cut it short. He had his issues, but he was a good man. He adored my girls and treated me like a princess...he was a great father-in-law, even if some days I wanted to beat the hell out of him. On a side note, all the men in Don's family seem to die shortly before or after their 60th birthday, so I guess I have about 20 years to make sure all of Don's insurance is up-to-date...sorry, had to do it.

We ask for prayers, whether you pray to God, Allah, or whomever you choose (like the Goddess as I used to :)). Just for peace and ease during this stressful time. I need to do me some serious aromatherapy...



Debbie said...

Wow....only young to leave this life. Drugs and alcohol will do that to you oldest brother (younger than I but the oldest of the two brothers) lived such a life until a few years ago when he got ill. He is now partially disabled and looks older than our 76 year old father. So sad people let something like that control their life.

Perhaps your father-in-laws next journey will be a happier one for thoughts continue to be with you and your family.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry, Penny! You all are in my prayers!