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Thursday, October 29, 2009

two part blog today: horror females of yesterday and today and a gentle warning

This morning, around 530 a.m., I found myself watching a horror/sci-fi flick from 1958, "Earth vs. The Spider", starring June Kennedy. Fantasic piece of cinematic viewing if you ask me, but then, I *love* the old black and whites. My parents were born in 1930 and 1936, so that is where it came from. Last night, I dvr'd "The Devil's Rejects". Yes, I know, nasty, bloody, cussing, lots 'o boobies movie, but hey, Rob Zombie is my secret boyfriend, so there you go. I really looked at Ms. Kennedy, then really looked at Mrs. Sherri Moon Zombie, and I started taking into consideration time have changed the horror movie female.

Horror female 1958: June Kennedy. No matter what, this young lady is always perfectly coiffed. Every blonde hair in place, pressed pink gingham dress *with* satin bow, stunning make-up, 2 inch heels and the sweetest scream you'll ever hear! For the most part, there is no blood or gore of any kind and no nasty swear words. She is always dating the sweet young man from down the street who drives the cool Studebaker, wears his pants up high with a belt and penny loafers, sings in Glee club, maybe plays football, saves kittens from trees and would never consider kissing his girlfriend until after they are married.

Horror female 2006: Ms. Jaimie Alexander from the movie "Rest Stop". Notice the lack of make-up and of, um, clothing, covered in blood and muck, mini skirt and bare feet. This, of course, is the *outside* look for the horror female. The inside look consists of 4 inch heels and a bit less clothing. They all have very high pitched screams usually followed by a barrage of "f you's" and "motherf'er"and "you bastard" and the like. They are normally seen dating the "bad boy", clad in leather, torn jeans, smoking a cigarette and downing a fifth while driving at 100 mph through windy desert mountain roads. Of course, there will be the sex-in-the-backseat scene at some point.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the horror male, and part two of this blog will come later :).

Oh, btw, I just gonna lay this out there for all my gentle readers. One of my very dear blog friends, Stacey, is kind enough to share her life in Scotland. A commenter took it upon herself to tell Stacey that life is too short to complain about food and to, for all intents and purposes, only blog about the happy stuff. Wow. Talk about balls. You, commenter, came to *her* blog, where she shares *all* her experiences, good, bad and indifferent. Stacey didn't like the lentil soup and dry sandwich that cost her $20, so she told us with a "haha" and an "oh well". If you don't like it, go away. Forever. Please. But shut the hell up while doing it. The comment made was unnecessary and it pissed me off to see my friend scolded for being the wonderful human trip-tic she is.

I say all that to say this: this is my blog. Yup, selfish as it looks, it is mine. Winter is coming up so, guess what? I'm gonna complaing *A LOT* about snow. Snowy, icy, cold, wet, vile winter. I will complain about it constantly, and I mean *constantly*. Granted, once in a while, I will have a beautiful picture of sunrise over the icicles, my kids sledding, Christmas lights and midnight snowfall, but you can sure as poop count on me whining about it too. I am *incredibly* thankful for having a warm home, a loving husband, great kids and a life I truly do not deserve, but I am also thankful for my ability to share my dislikes out-loud.

So, there you go. If you get tired of my bitching, don't read it that day, or just roll your eyes and move on. Tell you what: just to be nice, I'll warn you ahead of time, how's that lol?? Whatever you do, *don't* comment and scold me about using my God-given right to share my feelings, thoughts and opinions on whatever strikes me that day. After all, let's face it, *you* came to *me*, remember? When you visit a blog, you do so because you find what they have to say interesting, their adventures worth reading about and you want to take part in their lives, if only cyber-wise. Comment away, but don't sit and tell me what I should and shouldn't say or blog about. Sure, disagree, I expect iy, but don't *tell* me what to blog about or that I have no right to my opinion. People who do that will be called out on the carpet, and then after I publicly embarrass you, we will move on with our lives. I am loving, kind, sweet, caring person that will give you a kidney if you need it. Just keep your nasty comments to yourselves, or blog about it your own darn selves, k :)?

That said, have a wonderful Thursday! It is cold, but no snow :). Y'all are safe for another day!


This woman commenter got under my skin, I am going on 3 hours of sleep and I am notoriously protective of my friends and family...this is what


Debbie said...

Too funny on the comparison....but you are right. My personal favorites in the old flicks were the damsels in distress wandering through the woods in their silk and satin negligee and feathery heels. :)

I agree, I never quite understood a persons need to leave an unpleasant or nasty comment on someone's blog!?!? I'm relatively new to this land of blog but I have witnessed some of what you spoke about. If they don't enjoy what is being written on the need to be rude, disrespectful or unkind, just move one. :)

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

That is what I am saying! I especially love the "anonymous" meanies. They are like bratty children who throw rocks while hiding behind mama's skirt lol.

Pamela said...

Woo-hoo, you tell 'em, Penny!

Stacey said...

Ian says, "what's wrong with snow? It's lovely! Quit complaining.!" HA HA. Major kidding here. Sing it, sister! I was so edified to read your blog ~ first, about the horror movie queens gone bad (I'm much more of a B & W movie person, myself ~ hey, I'm still in love with Bing Crosby); and second, your wonderfully eloquent rant on mean commenters! It is all so true. Blogging is a wonderful thing, and look at the great friends we meet! But when someone sticks in a sanctimonious "you should" or "you shouldn't" they SHOULD just be smacked! Anyway, thanks for the support, dear friend! It made my day. And Ian's, too. He is living vicariously through our blogs (ha!).

Happy Day After Halloween. And when the snow falls, let the complaints rip!

Stacey <><