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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For Today...
4 August, 2009
Outside my Window...
Hazy, sunny, horrid humidity
I am thinking...
Things are falling apart in little places and I don't know how to make them better.
From the learning rooms...
I am thankful for...
Don have a wonderful time at Black Lake and returning safely
From the kitchen...
The sound of the dishwasher that I need to completely take apart and fix.
I am wearing...
Flannel pj pants, Michigan tshirt, no socks which is probably why my feet are so cold
I am reading...
Book three in the Black Dagger Brotherhood and "The Perfect Paragon" by M.C Beaton
I am hoping...
That all these changes will be for the good
I am creating...
a new line of neurosis
I am hearing...
The voices in my head telling me to run
Around the house...
Nothing new
One of my favorite things...
Short timers list for El Paso, although my departing gate from Atlanta has been changed for the 3rd damn time, and I still have 28 days before I leave. Why oh why did it have to be Atlanta??????????
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Stephanie working on a babysitting job, bible study maybe, same ole same ole
A Picture Thought I Am Sharing With You:
The stadium at Andress High School. I will be going to see the Homecoming game against Carlsbad with all my other '89ers. We always thought it was funny: we were the poor military kids from the Northeast with an awesome stadium while the "richies" from the West Side and Coronado High School only had bleachers. That made us chuckle...a lot...and gloat too :).

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Anonymous said...


well I do hope that you depart on your adventure ready to nourish and re-energize....LOL

That field looks the type most obvious in envy for the opposite.

I hope you stay present being my friend, you are not alone.