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Thursday, August 27, 2009

all done

Well, we are all done. Stephanie, Sierra and Savannah are now members of the Oxford School District. Now all that money that was taken out of our taxes for the schools that we never used will apply to us too. I'm still a tad freaked out. The girls will do *great*, of that I have no doubt. I will definitely miss having them here at home, and I will miss teaching them everyday, but it is time for them try out the world for themselves. All in seperate schools with seperate friends, developing seperate personalities. This will prove to be a most interesting and life-changing year.


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MICHELE said...

It is nice to cut the strings a bit. And, I agree... it will be fun and interesting to see their personalities and experiences bloom! You've done a great job in setting their foundation! And, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time to explore your own paths!!!