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Monday, July 6, 2009

this week in july

For Today...
6 July, 2009
Outside my Window...
Overcast, breezy, cool
I am thinking...
I have a lot to do today. Cleaning out the camper from our 4th of July excursion to Lake Huron, laundry, bedrooms, grocery shopping...going on vacation is like a job sometimes. Now is time to focus on the El Paso countdown.
From the learning rooms...
Not a damn thing. Maybe a lesson in Home Ec with all the cleaning we need to do.
I am thankful for...
Showers and Noxema
From the kitchen...
Various lunch occurrences
I am wearing...
MASH t-shirt, red capris, two different pink socks
I am reading...
The Black Dagger Brotherhood
I am hoping...
that the clean-up will go easy
I am creating...
I am hearing...
the tv, Nana's spoon clinking in her glass from her chocolate milk
Around the house...
Piles and piles of piles
One of my favorite things...
Warmth, one thing that just isn't happening in the stupid state. The *high temp* for the 4th of July was...ready?...*74*!!!!!! What the heck!??!?!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
More cleaning, grocery shopping...boring as hell really
A Picture Thought I Am Sharing With You:
One of the pics I took from Lake Huron in Sanilac County.

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