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Thursday, July 30, 2009

breath in...breath out

Normally, you would find a "friday fill in" here, but for some reason there wasn't a new one put up, so you are stuck with me :).

breath in~~

As all y'all have probably picked up on, the past few days have not been stellar. I found that last year things were said about me that were flat out, 100%, nuh-uh, no way, not true at all. Unfortunately, those who should have come to me about these concerns as soon as they happened never did, and hence, my family and I are going to move on from this place to some where new. A good new with good friends I have known for a long long time who really know me and know how to separate the crap from the truth (emphasis on purpose). I will miss some of the people I have been at the co-op with *a lot*, but there are others I am happy to say adios to.

breath out~~

33 days. 33 more days and I am El Paso bound. Yes, that layover from hell in Atlanta still makes me crazy, but I am going to El Paso, and that is what matters. Chill out, party, hang, laugh, renew friendships...I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it! Getting to be with Mom and Poppy makes my heart sing, and I cannot wait to make dinner for them in exchange for the free room, board and love...and maybe a touch of Bailey's too :). I also get to see my hermana del corazon y el alma, or sister of the heart and soul, Ronnie. I became friends with her last year after meeting her through Naomi and we struck it off well. She is sweet, funny, beautiful and spunky, qualities necessary in a friend :). There will be picture taking, reminiscing, looking backing, everything I need. I can't wait!

breath in~~

Don is off on his yearly retreat with his buddies to Black Lake in Onaway, Michigan. He left from work at noon today, picked up his friend Kirk, and off they went. He will be back on Sunday night. I do hope he find the calm he needs for his soul and spirit right now. Things have been crazy since we left our church and he moved into the high pace life of Volt at GM. He deserves this time to just breath in and breath out.

breath out~~

The girls and I will be hanging this weekend. Si and Nana have two of their friends over and Steph has one over for herself. There is a faint glimmer of hope that the girls will all go their aunts' house on Saturday. I rented "The Grudge 3", "Dark Floor" and "Coraline", so one way or the other enjoyment will occur :).

So there you go. Breathing. In. And out. Sometimes I have to be reminded to do so.

Another pic of my beautiful Franklin Mountains in Northeast El Paso during sunset. See, we get rain too :).


Debbie said...

Distancing yourself from the individuals who are emotional vampires is always a good thing. They suck the life right out of you and give nothing in return..move on and don't look back, even if they call out to you!

Ooooo...."Grudge 3", I had forgotten about that one....must get! I'm a scary movie junky too! :)

MICHELE said...

Oh Penny... I'm not sure what's going on with co-op... or why you're feeling led to leave. You don't owe me an explanation... but I wish you weren't feeling such hurt.

Regardless of other's opinions...your first duty is self-protection for yourself and family... even if it means stepping away from situations that cause you "pain."

I'll still be your friend.


~Byn There said...

nothin' like a good slap in the face to turn your life around,eh? Forgive & forget, hard as it is sometimes, we just have to move on. "Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave."