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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

so i'm a day late...sue me

For Today...15 April, 2009

Outside my Window...lots of rain but *NO SNOW*!!  Don't tell the Fates I said that lol

I am jaw is killing me

From the learning rooms...tomorrow it all starts again after a long long vacation
I am thankful for...the Daffodils that are blooming in my garden

From the's late
I am wearing...sweater, sweatpants and blue shirt
I am reading...Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell
I am hoping...tomorrow goes smooth getting back into routine
I am creating... a herringbone bracelet and finishing up two spiral rope bracelets, yup bout it
I am hearing... Juno on t.v.
Around the house...relative quiet
One of my favorite things... soda and jelly beans
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The, church, grocery shopping
A Picture Thought I Am Sharing With You: Poor Easter Bunny, just realized it isn't about him, so he tore his heart out.  Poor, poor bunny...

My sense of humor is off heehee, but you keep coming back, so who is the disturbed one??



MICHELE said...

I've missed your blogging!!!!

I don't have daffodils blooming yet! I loved the rain yetserday!


Pamela said...

What's the matter with your jaw?

LOVED the cartoon, where do you find this stuff?

AllyJo said...

That picture reminds me sometimes of how I feel. Poo.