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Monday, September 15, 2008

a simple daybook and what I have learned

For Today...15 September 2008

Outside my Window...It's still gray and breezy and cold from the three days of nonstop rain we have experienced. I'm hoping that this means that the fall leaves will be pretty and last longer than last year.

From the learning rooms...Learning is occurring....what more could a mom want?

I am thankful for...a loving family that stands together, wants only the best from and for each other, and a God that accepts all of us no matter how fruity we all can be from time to time.

From the kitchen...I hear the coffee pot doing its coffee making thing and Savannah taking some free time this morning to dink on the computer.

I am wearing...Grey t-shirt and blue linen pants...comfort is king.

I am reading...nothing imparticular today, although a verse or two from the Bible would do me some good, I'm sure.

I am hoping...that I can put aside my lazy nature and draw closer to God with effort instead of waiting for Him to walk up to me and tap me on the shoulder.

I am creating...memories and more than one trip to the psychiatrist.

I am hearing...WOW Hits 2006 music on my Zune with bits and pieces of the game that Nana is playing.

Around the house...There is a feeling of change, big change. There is laundry and dishes and children's rooms that need to be cleaned, but no matter how crazy and messy it is, one thing that is always around this house is laughter...maniacal at times, but laughter nonetheless.

One of my favorite coffee with pumpkin spice, a hot shower, and no hangnails.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The, soccer, cleaning, growing, learning, hair-pulling, madness, sadness, give-upness, move-onness, Godness.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... He created the heavens and the earth, he created all the creatures above and below, and created the vast number of stars in the sky and in skies millions of light years away, but He still knows my name. To this fact I cling like never before...
Things I have learned this weekend:
Gosh, where to start. I learned that forgiveness, that is forgiveness of others and forgivness of self, and the neverending circle of waiting for forgiveness that will never come, is hard and painful and tiring and sad, and in some cases, rewarding and lifting. I'm still working on the "rewarding" and "lifting" part...
I found that my superpowers don't extend to stopping a little girl from having her heart broken. Sierra's best friend from across the street, Elise, just moved to Monroe, a long long way from here. She has been gone since the beginning of school, but yesterday made it official when her mom and dad came and moved out the rest of their furniture. Sierra was laying on the back of the couch, just staring out the window. It wasn't until I went over to her that I realized she was crying. Not crocodile woe-is-me tears, but mommy-this-hurts-what-do-I-do tears. I can't make this one go away, and that breaks my heart too. Yes, it is a fact of life, people come and people go and you move on, but tell that to an 8 year old. Tell that to a 30-forever year old.
Rain is wet. Really, really freaking wet. Especially when you show up for a soccer game when it is an absolute downpour, but the league plays "rain or shine". Well, that is the part of the league nuts enough to show up, which, according to Saturdays' turnout, is only about 30% of us. Two hours. Two squishy, wet, moist hours. Did you know that civilian rain gear only lasts about an hour and a half? Neither did I, until Saturday...
I suppose that covers it. I'm going to refresh my coffee and hug on my kid for a while.
Until then,
You know how you find music that basically says exactly what you are feeling better than you can? Well, I do at least. But just in case you are too, this says it all for me right now.
Just listen. And for those of you who understand, I have one more thing to say:

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