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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

filters and first days

The first day of school. For most parents, it is the most stress-free, relaxing, get my home back day of the year. For me, it is the most stressful, uptight, leave my home to the dogs day of the year lol. I just ordered Stephanie's new Apologia Science book, the back room needs to be picked up, the girls are fighting again, the camper still needs to be cleaned out...yes, I love homeschooling, but I have my moments :). Fortunately, the girls are looking forward to starting the new year which definitely makes it easier. God throws me a bone once in a while.

Our camping weekend was wonderful. The kids had a great time, and we had the opportunity to hang out with Don's cousins Traci and Dale and their spouses, Matt and Patti. We ate together, went to the beach, chatted, and just let our batteries recharge. The best part was being able to leave the rumor mill and all the drama of church behind us for a bit. No phone calls, no texts, no emails to let us know what we were thinking of doing or had done, normally without any knowledge on our part. Please, people, all of those out there who read this, promise me something: you *won't* read between the lines on what people say to look for what you want to hear, and just because someone doesn't look deep into your eyes and ask you how you are doing doesn't mean they are leaving or that they hate you, k?

This leads me to one of the conversations that we had around the campfire. We decided that they way to measure a person's spiritual maturity was to measure their filter. You know, the filter that is placed between the brain and the mouth by God at birth. The filter that makes you think, actually think, before you speak instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to your mind. I also call it "pulling a Malcolm" from one of my favorite "Malcolm In The Middle" episodes where he tries for a few weeks to think what he wants to say, then says what he should. Is the filter of the person you are considering confiding in strong and finely meshed, or is it rusted and flaking off? How about yours? How about mine? Think about it during your next he-said-she-said conversation, you'd be amazed what you find out about yourself. Okay, okay, so in the end Malcolm ends up in the hospital with a peptic ulcer, but I digress...

Question to all those trapped, er, living here in Michigan. Have y'all noticed how only one type of pine tree is dying right now? One type. It's weird. Ours is dying, one of our neighbors had to remove theirs because is was completely dead and the one directly across the street is next. The dying trees are sporadically planted between other pines, like Blue Spruces, and the spruces are fine. Just curious if any one else out there has any idea what is happening.

Autumn is here, leave are falling, the air feels and smells different, and the slant of the sun has changed. I love this time of year so much. One fear, though. There is the opinion of the weather man, smart as he is, and the Farmers' Almanac, which has been tried and true since forever. Mr. Weather Man says, "Wow! This will be the lightest winter ever!" The Almanac says, "Dude, if you live in Michigan, yer Screwed, with a capital 'S'." I'll just start crying now...

Time to go. Stephanie is showering, Si and Nana have made their beds, and I have precious minds to warp. Have a goodin'.


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Lisa said...

Rusty flaking filters - interesting concept!!!