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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

desert heart

Make no bones about...I love the desert. The smell, the taste, the views, the weather (especially the weather). The desert is a part of me, a part that no amount of lake water or snow will ever take the place of. I love cactus candy, green chile jelly, red chile pistachios, pinon coffee, chile rellanos that make your toes curl and pepperjack cheese wontons with this God seein' fruity salsa...yummmmmmmy.

I was reading the blog of a bead artist, Kim Miles, and she was sharing photos from a trip her and her husband took to Canyon De Chelly. They are breath-taking, and definitely makes me want to take a road trip with my hubby and the girls sooner than later back down there. Don and I have discussed taking a nice long road trip back to my beautiful southwestern home, showing the girls the side of the world that their momma is from. The girls are born and raised Michiganders, and have never seen (at least not at an age where they could remember) where I came from. They can't understand why I shrivel up and whine when the winter rolls around lol.

Desert Heart. Great name for a beading business...great name for a NaNoWriMo book...great thing to carry around with oneself forever. I bought a bead from the aforementioned artist that is a flaming heart bead. Kind of looks like a desert heart, eh?

There you go. Desert here, desert there, desert desert everywhere...I wish lol.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

I don't see the attraction to the desert, but then again - different things for different people. My sister traveled out west for her job and found the desert completely to her liking!

Like the bead .... and the name!!!