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Saturday, July 26, 2008

nap day

I didn't go to bed until almost 5 a.m. First, I was tippy tapping on my computer, and hey, who doesn't lose time doing that. Second, I was watching a really cheesy old movie called "Gorilla At Large" on AMC. It was one on of those that was so silly you just have to see how it ends. Thirdly, its hard going to bed when Don isn't here. Granted it is quieter but strange nonetheless. It certainly doesn't help the fact that Don forgot to buy coffee, so I had to break into my New Mexico Pinon Coffee stash which I save for special occasions. Even a couple cups of Orange Biscochito with a dash of raw sugar isn't helping me stay conscious. So, that is why today is a nap day as far as I am concerned. Lock the doors, ducttape the kids to the floor and have a snooze.

Okay, another opinion poll for y'all. I know I have one or two people out there who on occasion read my drivel about my life and all things neurotic. I do the same on other people's blogs (this means you, Lisa lol). I love reading one done by Kim Miles because she lives where I want to, leads a very interesting life and is an unbelievably talented artist. I was laughed at by a couple of friends, though, who think that blogging, bloggers and all things bloggy are pointless and stupid. As one of them put it, "I know everything about you and what you do! Why read about it too?" Couldn't be farther from the truth, but, whatever. My question is this: is what I do pointless and stupid, and if so, why do people read it? Out of morbid curiosity, or to make me feel like what I say matters? I enjoy blogging very much. It is an outlet, creative and otherwise. A place to vent and celebrate and give my two cents in a safe enviroment that doesn't require me to actually have to talk to someone on the phone. I can be me, me me, the gracious (according to those I love), sweet, loving, caring, psychotic, bitchy, truthful, insane empath that I am, and no one can yell at me, and even if you do yell at me, I can just delete it lol. I don't think it is pointless, but they did make me feel, well, stupid for doing it. C'est la vie. So, again I ask: is blogging pointless and stupid? Not like I'm gonna stop or nuffin...

Okay, I'm done. The eyelids are getting heavy, and quite frankly, after all that coffee, I have to pee. Have a great Saturday y'all. Maybe when I wake up I'll do that soldering I've been promising myself I'd do...maybe...



Anonymous said...

Well, I like reading on your blog! It helps me keep up on you until we meet again-at co-op! And I find fun and refreshing ! Keep up the good work! Plus, I miss you when you are gone!


Lisa said...

Blogging isn't pointless or stupid! But maybe I'm prejudiced, lol. I enjoy reading what you have to say, Penny! (Somehow I missed this post until now and only saw the one above it!)