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Friday, July 25, 2008

author, author

There are some times when you just wander around the internet, not looking for anything in particular. Stick in a name, like a beadmaker you like or a place you want to visit, and see where it takes you. You just never know what you will find.

I did that today, inbetween laundry and dishes. First, I put in the name of a restaurant that I was curious about. Then, I looked up some desert foliage pictures. Last but not least, I put in, for no reason, the name of my best friend's mom. She owns an awesome theater company in El Paso, and thought, hey, maybe they have been written up in the paper lately or whatever. What I found next almost made me drop my computer:

That's right. The woman that I speak of all the time on this here blog, a lady I love dearly, is an AUTHOR!!!! How big time cool is that?? I am going to try and get ahold of one and have her sign it. The girls will freak out, I will freak out, and everyone I know will see this book, and I'll get her orders, and she will become famous, and then she will have to dedicate her next book to me, and she will add me to her thank yous at her Newberry Awards acceptance speech, and and and...whew...I need to sit down...
The sickness that was upon me is now, slowly but surely, going bye-bye. Don is off for his manly-man weekend at Black Lake up north. I'm going to take a look at this whole book writing thing, using the ubertalented Billie as my muse. Take a look at her book and maybe find your muse to at
Now, I am going to get ready for bed. I have more fantasizing to do for Ms. Billie Bibona, children's book writer/actress/business owner/artist/all-around beautiful woman extraordinaire and, most of all, the crazy lady who has put up with me and my psychosis for over 20 years. That alone is worthy of an award...
'Til then,

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Lisa Quing said...

What an adorable book cover!