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Monday, July 21, 2008

back home again

The conference was a hit, in more ways than one. I said that I hoped and prayed that I could take something away from this little soiree, a moment of clarity, that God would talk to me a little. He talked to me...a lot. There wasn't one thing that I have been fighting with that wasn't addressed at some point. I have a whole lot to process, and will share the everything bit with you when I start to feel better.

Yeah, that's right.

I'm sick.

Lost voice, high-pitched cough sick.

Don figures that I lost my voice because that was God's way of telling me that if I want to hear His voice that I needed to shut up for a few minutes. He was joking...I think...

I'll be back soon to give you all the details of the best speakers and the most awesome music in the world, of shopping and laughing, hanging out and showing Cleveland who is boss. Good good stuff.

BTW, Ms. Anon., you always know how to make me smile. You mean the world to me. Thank you and I love you too. Next time I see you, you can show me the grace of Grey Goose :).


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Lisa Quing said...

Welcome home! So glad to hear the conference was great. I hope you are feeling better very very soon!