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Monday, June 9, 2008


Yesterday we were hit with a huge storm front that left a lot of damage in its wake. A tornado was also spotted just a few miles from my home here in Oxford. One minute, the skies were bright blue and the next it looked as if Armageddon was here.

This picture is not of someone I know personally, but who lives in Byron, the same place we just had our Memorial Day parade.

Someone is going to be a tad late for work today...

We are some of the blessed ones. None of our trees came down, and we had no physical damage done to our home or property, just my front yard swing in the middle of the yard instead of by the tree. Just a mile down the road, though, one person woke up with a tree in their bed and another had their van completely destroyed. One of our Associate Pastors' lives in the parsonage next to our church and had to move a fallen tree from the road next to the house. They are some of the 104,000 people without power or water, and a large number of schools were closed because of damage or no power.

We have another line of storms moving in as we speak. Pray that is just comes and goes and doesn't leave any more evidence than its predecessor already did.

Stay safe and dry.


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