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Thursday, June 19, 2008

ahh, yes, we knew them when...

Ever wonder where all these big bands started from? Coldplay? 30 Seconds From Mars? Who was there at their first gig or their first recording time?

Wonder no more, because I can tell you where at least one big time up and comer is from...

Lake Louise Church of the Nazarene, Ortonville, Michigan and that groups' name is:

Altered Paradigm

So you can put a name to a face, from left to right we have T.J. Thompson, the comedic, hottie guitar player, Brad Stuart, the brooding, contemplative lead singer and guitarist, Brian Banks, the turntable guy, and Ed Beebe, the logical, sensitive drummer.

T.J. and Brad have been a part of our church for around two years now, and it has been quite a ride. They are sweet, awesome, God-fearing, tattoo loving, metal listening Jesus freaks. They have been a part of Dons' and my small group and have helped Don in a big way with the youth group at church. Don, in turn, has helped them with music mixing, suggestions, opinions, and support of both the spiritual and the secular world for them. It has been fun to say the least.

Altered Paradigm finally got their cd, Faded, released, and you should have seen the shock and absolute "proud daddy" smile on Don's face when he saw he was part of the "Special Thanks" section of their cover:

If you would like to check out some of their music, you can go to their My Space page:

On a local Podcast, they were called "a mix between Creed and Metallica with a turntable", which I think is pretty cool. If you like what you hear and would like a cd, they are $10 and I can get one for you...I know the band :). Hey, and they love my cooking, what more could I ask for lol?

Tonight, Stephanie, her friend Riley, my SIL Tina and I are going to the Newsboys concert at Pine Knob. I *LOVE* the Newsboys, and know that I will not be disappointed, especially since Superchic(k) and Decemberadio will also be there. Hope the rain stays away.

Have a good one y'all!


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