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Thursday, May 22, 2008

surprises from southwestern fairies

Yesterday, I opened my front door to get the mail and what do I see, but a box from Office Depot. "Office Depot," I say to myself, "I have not purchased anything from Office Depot." Curiously, I take the box into my house and proceed to release whatever treasure may be trapped inside. I delve deep into the sea of styrofoam puffies, and uncover a bubble-wrapped little morsel. Layer by bubbly layer, the secret is brought into reality. Here is what materialized from the Southwestern Fairy Office Depot box:

This beautiful handcrafted clay vessel, made by Maria Kenarova of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the shining jewel in the crown that is my bead cubby. The mysterious Southwestern Fairy I mentioned? None other than the my ever-loving Texas Momma, Wiley. In this vessel I will place my little treasures: lampwork beads, prayers, dreams, maybe even a rosary or two. Whatever enters there will be infused with love from my far away mom. A little bit of the Southwest I miss in my Michigan bead cubby.

That Southwestern Fairy, she never ceases to surprise me.

Much love mamasita and thank you so much!


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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I can feel the Love!